Californians worship in a big way

Lord in America the big is really bigUrban dwellers have a penchant for the megachurch. It has proven to be true in all the large cities of the world. Singapore has quite a number of its own. In the USA, the state with the most megachurches, a whopping 193, is California. Read this report:

California has more megachurches than anywhere else in the country, with the majority in the suburbs between Los Angeles and San Diego. California is home to 193 megachurches, slightly more than Texas with 191, according to the most recent survey by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, one of the nation’s leading authorities on megachurches. The majority of these congregations are in the suburbs between Los Angeles and San Diego, an area that some who study the phenomenon call the Southern California Bible Belt. A handful have risen to national prominence—notably Saddleback Church in Lake Forest—but dozens of other large, if lesser-known, churches also are growing. The number of megachurches has grown steadily for the last four decades. Researchers say there are now at least 1,350 such churches nationwide, more than double the number a decade ago and draw an average of 4,100 weekend parishioners. -The Los Angeles Times 11 Oct 09.

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