Ashley Madison in Singapore: like or unlike

Ashley MadisonWhy bother?

Why do you care? If people want to commit adultery, they will. No matter how you try to hinder them. Which is true. After all its their lives so why do you intrude and interfere? Anyway there are other social media that can be used for the same purpose. So goes the reactions to recent government refusal for Ashley Madison to make its bed in Singapore. Ashley Madison prides itself in having facilitated many an adulterous liaison. It describes itself as an “online personals and dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs”. One of its taglines goes: If cheating on your taxes is okay, so is Ashley Madison.

Family is basic unit of society

I support the government in its stand against Ashley Madison developing a Singapore based website. Simply because I am pro-family. The family is the basic unit of society and society is as strong, sound and stable as the basic unit that comprises it. Family breakups weakens and undermines the fabric of society. If adultery becomes a socially acceptable behavior, even a cultural norm, it will weaken the family and in the long run, society will feel corrosive effects.

Saying No is good

Allowing it to operate is explicitly approving and encouraging the kind of behavior it promotes. Its true that Facebook can be used for the same purpose. However, married dating and facilitating extramarital affairs is not its primary purpose. It is its abuse. For Ashley Madison, they are the websites primary purpose. In one generation, it will become acceptable behavior and embedded as a  cultural norm. It is good that the government has decided to say a clear explicit No to such a family-corrosive lifestyle. Sadly, we have allowed casinos and gambling. The gambling demon can wreak havoc on the marital relationship and family. It too should have been banned from our shores. However, pragmatism has won the day and today we have increased numbers in need of credit counselling and bans and loan shark problems. But let me not digress. For the sake of family I prefer to unlike Ashley Madison.

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5 thoughts on “Ashley Madison in Singapore: like or unlike”

  1. Completely agree with you.

    The way the website is arguing it is like them saying, ‘Hey, let’s not restrict drugs, guns and pornography in our community. People have a choice and if they really want to do it, we can’t stop them, right?’

  2. Wonderful even Noble sentiments but ultimately a futile gesture. Modern societal values are based on a least bad option about control and economic impact. Take smoking probably more deadly than open relationship or alcohol availability gambling – we sud be borne again in our assessment of morality and ethics by being more “truthful” and less moralistic and hypocritical.
    We sud stop trying to be divine have more humanity.
    SEX is becoming more recreational than procreation at as societies develop techno I calluses and become more urban in character

    1. Hi journeyman,
      Sexuality needs to be viewed at a deeper level. It’s abuse affects people emotionally, spiritually and relationally – even tearing at the fabric of society. It’s more than mere friction and mechanics.

    2. I don’t think destroying families is helpful to society at all, even from a secular perspective.

      To put it bluntly in the narrow context of NS: if I don’t have a family or people I love enough to defend, what is stopping me from just abandoning the country when a crisis happens? It becomes all about looking out for myself from there.

      1. Families are destroyed because they hv been constituted wrongly – selfish possessiveness based on immoral greed causes most destruction. A New lifelong relationship can only be possible when selfish desires r replaced by sacrificial love n Trust where they is really a servant-master being dynamically interchanged depending on prevailing conditions. Your idea of sacrificial defence of loved ones is based on traditional tribal nation state ideology. This sud continue working if not for globalisation n physical limitation on how much more we can push consumption based economies to continue delivering the abundant life to the few and lifelong misery to the rest. Do reflect on choices that impact others – ignorance n burying one in irrational religious beliefs is no defence for suffering of the multitudes

        Is there a sin so great that God cannot forgive

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