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For us who have little exposure to poetry its not to late to savour and appreciate it. Take a look at Gweek Culture and read this poem “Jurassic Gardens” with the comments to help, if needed.

If poetry does not interest you, perhaps sex does. So read the script of a sermon of Siow Hwee, a Presbyterian minister who keeps the blog Latria. His sermon was titled “On Sex”.

Ramblings and revelations is a blog of a teenager An Sen, who has done the Discipleship Training School conducted by Perth YWAM. He then went on a missions exposure to Mexico City for several months. He intends to write out the notes of what he learned at school. If you are thinking whats YWAM DTS you can have a closer look by following this blog. This is a participant’s view, not those official brochures.

“Freedom and Spiritual Formation” is a good read and I heartily agree with what Dr Tony Siew, of Revelation is Real, says here.

Sherman Kuek, of Sherman on the Mount, explains why the Roman Catholics do not allow liturgical dance in the worship service.

Terence Yeo, a practising lawyer, has this blog(TYCM’S blog”  where he uploads his personal notes of Joseph Prince’s most recent sermons. He is diligent and now you can have a have a two minute look at JP’s sermons regularly in a digested form without having to pay for a CD. The latest is: “We ain’t heavy, He’s our elder brother”. You have to learn how to navigate around his blog to locate sermons. Manna from heaven is another source of Joseph Prince’s older messages in outline notes taken by Lindsay Lim.

You may also enjoy the thoughtful piece about “Living and Enjoying the Present” by Father Luke Fong whose blog is Reflections and Ruminations.

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My Gen Y friend Stillhaventfound shares his experience of his attempt to raise the dead. He is open and vulnerable in his sharing; he’s taking a risk at being called crazy, so please suspend judgment. Here are his Thoughts on raising the dead.

Dr Alex Tang reviews a book on the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) who view themselves as contemplatives in action. These are the commandos of the Roman Catholic Church, and Dr Tang adds his own twist by pluralizing the word “action” and explains why in Contemplative in actions.

Of course I welcome the idea of a liberal arts education and my friend Dr Tony Siew exults in the idea of a Yale-NUS Liberal Arts College. This idea is as late in coming to our shores, as church members who stroll into church just as the sermon begins.  Too many of our influential ministers and policymakers have an engineering background, and we have suffered some in our education system, social fabric and compassion for the needy as a result.

When it comes to social justice and involvement in public life, the Singapore church(or should I say the Protestant branch) is way behind in catching up with the Malaysian counterpart. The Malaysian church openly tells the government to Stop bullying the Orang Asli. By doing so they become a voice for the voiceless.

On a lighter note there are Gen Y who are have been meeting across denominational lines.  What do they get here that they do not get from their own church. Wonder what The weekly Tuesday group is all about?

On Malaysians staying overseas ( or will be) is a look at the shame hanging over the heads of “unpatriotic” Malaysians who move overseas instead of hanging in to fight the good fight. Sounds like the “stayers and quitters” issue raised during a national day rally speech by then PM Goh Chok Tong has raised its head across the Causeway. This problem would be solved, Alwyn, if Singapore just rejoin the Federation, in a land swap deal: you take our land and we take yours or maybe in a “one nation two systems”  deal for 99 years.

Gleanings from blogroll 1

1. Is there a way to integrate the claims of the “new perspective of Paul” with the Reformed teaching of personal justification by faith? Bolivian Beat discusses this briefly in “New Perspective of Paul”.

2. Rev David Burke gives advice on “Choosing a Church”. He points out 9 things to look for. My list has only 1 point: choose wrpf.

3. Rev Jenni Huan has some helpful insights that will make for happier pastors and churches. Look at her post on “Criticise, Critique or Creative Construction.”

4. Alwyn Lau writes an ode to Clark Pinnock an open theist, a creative daring systematic theologian, who recently passed away. It is simply titled “Clark Pinnock and he sincerely gushes out this theologian’s influence on his own theologising.

5. Father Luke Pong shares his disappointment at the apathy of many a church member with The Quest for God and Transformation.”

6. Steve McVey writes eloquently about the danger of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in “You should strive to do right and avoid wrong – wrong”.

7. Eavesdrop on a converstion between Steven Sim and his acquaintance on Pitting Spirituality against Religion”. Stimulating.

8. Stillhaventfound has found something in his “First Healing on the Streets Meeting”. Read his honest but encouraging report of an embarassing healing encounter.