Penang gangsta now married!

Esther and Choby with parents

Choby Siau married recently and we were all happy for him. We wish him and his wife, Esther, God’s very best. Choby had a tumultous, topsy-turvy life of danger and broke the hearts of his missionary parents, until Jesus turned him around completely and delivered him safely from his Penang gang. Now he is a bold Pittsburg preacher studying to finish college even though once he was given up on as an academic failure. God is the Master of turn-arounds.

Two years ago, we did a makeshift taping of his testimony in my office. Hung up an available display tablecloth and to act as a backdrop, did some editing and then posted it on YouTube, where I am sure even pre-believers have visited and listened.

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  • Amazing, incredible testimony of God’s mercy and love for his children when we cry out to Him to show us the way out. I am personally very encouraged by his testimony & thank blogpastor for posting this.
    Hope to meet Choby in person someday.

    Mervyn K

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