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Armour Publishing Writers Workshop at Kum Yan Methodist Church

I have done much to hone the teaching gift the Lord has given me. I went into the National Institute of Education and had homiletical training in seminary, attended seminars on preaching, and read and practised what I gleaned from scores of books on preaching. Most importantly I preached and taught hundreds of times.

Bishop Robert Solomon sharing as a Christian writerWhen it came to writing, it was different. I never quite saw it as a gift I had to responsibly develop. I was not aware of the call. When I became aware of the call recently, I jumped to attend this workshop my colleague alerted me to. “The beginner writer and all who feel a call to write but have no idea as to where to start should attend this workshop.” This was the inaugural Armour Publishing Writers Workshop’s plug in the advertisement. The theme was: “Christian Writing: Hearing the Call and Honing Your Craft”.  It was three days of instructing, actual writing, and sharingRaphael, John and Kenny among participants under the eye of John Maust, President of Media Associates International. I was surprised that over 30 apiring writers showed up. Like most of them, this was my first experience. I felt inspired and empowered. I learned what it meant to be serious about your call to write. I picked up ideas and skills of writing well. I learned how to write a personal experience article, a devotional article and even a book. I saw possibilities as John and Christina Lim the facilitator demystified the path to being a published author. One thing I deduced and was confirmed was that most writers of Christian books here do not get much in royalties. Still I was challenged by the personal anecdotes and stories of ordinary writers who persevered and the impact they have had on others. It was also wonderful to network with other aspiring Christian writers as this is a lonely path and having fellow-travellers to share with is a burden halved. Furthermore, I enjoyed the company of Raphael Samuel, friend and fellow blogger, Bolivian Beat. Here is a pic of the whole group.

armour writing workshop participants

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  • A ‘hidden gem’ (writing gift) is discovered, refine it to its glorious days….an exciting journey to share. Having 3 to start with, that’s not bad at all!

  • Admittedly, I saw writing as an interest–something I like to do. I didn’t see it as a gift—one that we receive and can to be used as we decide (or even ignored or hidden)–let alone a calling.

    Understanding it now as a calling, there is almost a duty/ responsibility to fulfill that calling; especially if the caller is God Himself.

    Whether seen as a interest, gift or a call; it is something good and potentially useful if used for good. Also, it cannot be proven good or bad till one uses it. (Much like we do not know if a soap can clean well till we use it). And if so the challenge to those who are called is to continue to respond and write … to bless as we have been blessed.

    So continue blogging and writing, Kenny. May God use you mightily through your writing.

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