Do Christian men need grooming?

Singapore women are highly motivated and consequently quite informed when it comes to grooming for they devour magazines, glean tips from friends, search online and attend workshops. Looks, after all are high on the priority checklist of Singapore men when it comes to choice of a life partner. A higher percentage from a woman’s income goes into the family and grooming. Furthermore it is socially acceptable, even desirable, for them to be informed of the latest trends in fashion, dating behavioral norms among them. They are quite sophisticated.

imagesThe picture is reversed when it comes to the Singapore men. I came from the no-frills generation where neat, nice and smelling Lux fresh is all we can afford. Not so this generation of a large well off middle-class. Self awareness has risen together with parents’ income. Expenditure on grooming products and information have also increased. Things are different with the new generation and change is in the air. Yet, more can be done and every Singapore man still needs grooming. We spend fifteen years or more in formal education so we can get a job. Two years in National Service to be in the nation’s reserve fighting force. At least six months to get a driving license. So why not attend some kind of workshop on grooming as a small step towards becoming a gentleman.

The Christian men may feel that the inner man is more important. Fix the inner man and the fundamental thing is groomed. This is true. However, there is more to it. After the cake, the icing is the next important thing so that the main thing does not go to waste. Fixing a man entails the grace of God and transformation of the man on the inside from one who is self Lost but groomedcentred to one who is Christ- and other- centric. However, why shouldn’t such a fix up be holistic and include graciousness, courteous consideration of others, looking pleasant(even attractive), and having good manners and culture, and a keener awareness of a woman’s psyche. Admittedly, to gain a good working knowledge of such require some pursuit and commitment of resources and time. How about beginning with a Saturday afternoon workshop, which will save you from having to read a book, and it will be more fun anyway. As you probably suspect by now, I am plugging for one of my church’s programs (Sat, 17th Oct 2009) organized by the young adults. More information HERE.

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