Epigram Pte Ltd: creativity and generosity

Lord thank you for your provision

It was a chance meeting at my mum’s funeral. It was something like Ruth in Boaz’s fields: “As it turned out, she Lord, thanks for Edmund Weefound herself working in a field belonging to Boaz..” (Ruth 2:3). Edmund Wee, founder and owner of design company Epigram Pte Ltd was there to offer condolences. His family and my wife’s were next door neighbours and family friends for decades. He had just won the prestigious President’s Design Award for 2008, and I knew he published annual reports for companies. But I did not know how well the company was doing until I checked out his website after he offered to do pro bono design work for the church. I was blown over and very impressed.

When I shared with the leadership they too were pleased. Edmund is known for his generosity but I never knew he was creative too. When the designs came, I liked the originality and creativity of the logo idea that they proposed to us. Our old logo was the winner of a church competition and it has served its time. Now its time for the new one to mark a new chapter in the church’s life. The new look was unique, clean-cut and elegant. I loved it staightaway. They did designs for stationery and signage and other stuff as shown above.

The new church logo had many doves in flight, forming an 8, a significant number in our church’s history, because at its first baptism 8 were baptized on the 8th of August (eighth month) on the 8th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. In the Bible the number 8 symbolizes salvation and new beginnings and resurrection. It all fits and makes sense.

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  • A Creative Creator God creates creative children and this is one beautiful (and significant) expression of creativity and spiritual discernment in the work of the designer.


  • Hi Kenny,

    Congrats on the new logo. It is very adapt for the image of the church. Thumb up.

    Agree with Maria’s comment on “A Creative Creator God creates creative children”. so what is the name of the designer behind this beautiful design?

  • Hello Kenny,
    I am James Tann, who used to live at Princess Elizabeth Est.
    Do you remember me? We went to school together.

    I was just browsing and noticed your blog and also this article which struck me that I may have known Edmund Wee as well. Was he the brother of Ernest, Esther and Emily Wee who lived at the low single storey houses?

    I write (or at least I try to) a blog called “Princess Elizabeth Estate” to record all my old memories before they fade. If you can contribute articles/photos of your time there, I would be most appreciative

    My blog is at http://ijamestann.blogspot.com

    It has been too long. We should re-connect.


  • Hi James Tann, How could I forget? We were pals and sat side by side in class in Secondary school for 2 years. we also meet when you were working at St Mary of the Angels and my son enrolled at the kindergarten. I am married to Jenny who is Stephanie’s (your sister) classmate in primary school. She was also Edmund’s neighbour. Yes I took a look at your blogsite on Princess Elizabeth Estate and loved it: nostalgia flooded in. I’ll email you and we can keep in touch.

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