How will this EPL season pan out?

 arsenal rocksMy prediction has gone awry. In August my prediction of the English Premier League 09/10 was: first, Chelsea; second, Liverpool; third, Manchester United; and fourth, Arsenal.

My prediction of champions still look formidable: physically, technically, tactically and as a team. Best in Europe right now: Chelsea.

Liverpool has surprisingly unravelled quicker than expected. Who would have known that besides losing Alonso to Real Madrid, poor Liverpool would be hit with a double whammy ofย  losses to injury of their twin terrors- Torres and Gerrard?

Manchester United, as usual, grinded out results despite their mediocre football. Mediocre compared to the last two glorious years, when Ronaldo and Tevez were around. They have too many injured. Too many pensioners. Giggs and Scholes will start creaking and make costly mistakes. Other teams, even the likes of Stoke, will fancy their chances of defeating a weakened Manchester United. The despair of teams when facing Man Utd has gone.

Arsenal is currently in second place with one game to play. I watch their goals on footytube and read of their exploits with glee. They have iron, thanks to Song and Diaby. My hope is that when Chelsea’s Essien and Drogba go play for their countries in January 2010, Arsenal will overtake them and not lose the lead until the end of this age.

I want to be wrong about my prediction. Let Arsenal top the table from January onwards.

How do you think the season will pan out?

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    • How can Liverpool be champions if they have divers like David Ngog? Their squad is too lean and they do not have plan B. Liverpool now is all about Torres & Gerrard. Without them, “Chia Lat liao”.If you beat the big four but can only draw with Birmingham with a dive, then you can continue to dream.

      Man United will excel after Christmas and that you cannot deny as history showed their fighting spirit. It’s a struggle without Ronaldo but it is possible that they will be champions again. Haha.

  • Since Liverpool challenge is as good as GONE, it wld be nice to see Arsenal taking the title this yr.

    They are really quite amazing….low payroll, no goalie, no big star (OK, there Fab!)…but they outscored everyone else at this point, after selling their main striker!!

    Think Liverpool need to steal their scouts!

    • Nobody can deny Wenger’s skill and perception of players. He is the best among all the EPL managers. It will be interesting to see if the young players have the mental strength to pull through the tight December/January period.

      Many Liverpool supporters already switch camp to Arsenal. One of them is our Mr.Yip where his nice apartment was filled with Liverpool banners, posters and even the tables. Mmmm, I am wondering if he has done a makeover since he is the boss of a renovation company. Another one has thrown all away Liverpool stuffs is our president. Having said that, there are still many “you will never walk alone” fans in WRPF& Hitachi.

      • The greatness of Liverpool is in its history and large and loyal pool of fans world-wide.

        I think Gus Hiddinck is the best coach for them, though Benitez has done good for Liverpool too.

        Longsuffering Liverpool fans deserve the best.

      • Switch camp? NAH!
        Have alot of respect for Wenger and their game. If Liverpool is not going to win it, it shd not be manu or chelski (altho lesser of chelski)!

  • Liverpool probably will conjure some miracle and win the champions league while finishing 17th. Chelsea looks like a strong team with Carlo Ancelotti. Man U are getting found out for who they are for too long, pretenders. Arsenal it seems have got their balance from Song and Denilson, so I wouldn’t write them off, until another injury crisis hits them.

  • As an Arsenal fan, i of course hope they will win something this season. A lot will depend on their mental strength and improving in their defence(extremely suicidal imho). The good thing is everyone is able to score now and that is very important so that the team is not too dependent on any one person. (The only main danger will be losing Fabregas, their attacking brain) If this team can stay on without injuries and winning the big boys, they stand a good chance. At least now they don’t blunder with teams like burnley, hull and stoke.

    Liverpool is a goner too soon – self-destruct with a lack of confidence and little backup upcoming talent to replace main stars.

    Man U is still a fighter and they can still grind out those undeserved wins. But they are not as potent w/o ronaldo and their defence is starting to look shaky (except for the evergreen Van der Sar). Still stand a good chance with their depth.

    Chelsea is the most consistent one so far and they have depth. If the big boys can beat them, i think it’ll be a fight. Else, chelsea normally sweeps away the smaller boys with their array of firepower(drogba, anelka, lampard, ballack etc) Injuries to drogba and anelka will be a blow to them.

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