Who’s your favourite worship leader, dad?

Lord thanks for those who lead us in worship“Who’s your favourite worship leader?” my daughter asked.

We were listening to some worship songs in the car.

I could not answer her immediately. My mind did a quick search.

Don Moen?  Bob Fitts? Michael W. Smith?

Chris Tomlin? Graham Kendrick? or Terry MacAlmon?…

Then my mind went back to church. To the guys that lead us in worship, Sunday after Sunday, dedicated to their And for musicians too I thank youcalling, passionate in honing their craft, waiting on the Lord. They are the ones who together with the music and AV teams  facilitate the church’s worship of God. Each of the worship leader had been used by God to usher us into His felt presence. Some had been used more superlatively than others. For me it had to be pastor Simon Tan.

So I told my daughter, “Simon Tan.”

She smiled.

Maybe she expected me to say Darlene Z, or Clark Kent,  or something like that.

Yes I like them both, but it is when the church gathers on Sunday led by one from our midst that I experience worship in Spirit and truth, so my favourite is a local homegrown.

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