“Dear, don’t bother to come home”

Elaine in the centerI have followed English football since I was in secondary school. I was even in Bolton, England. The closest I got to a football match was shopping at Tesco under the Reebok Stadium. My daughter Elaine does not follow football. She asks the odd question and get answers from me (Arsenal fan), Joshua (Chelsea fan), and Matthew(Liverpool fan). Yet she has entered the Old Trafford of the Manchester United in front of RooneyFootball Club and watched a football match where the host played West Ham Utd. You can call this grace! The person who worked got nothing; the one who was not even looking experienced the Old Trafford atmosphere. I sent her a terse message on her wall in her Facebook, “Dear, if you decide to become a Man Utd fan, don’t bother to come home. Love, Dad” 🙂

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  • Jacob read Elaine’s facebbok and she even posted the video of how Rooney scored the 1st goal.The noise of the crowd was tremendous..what a atmosphere where we can only watch it on TV..
    If Elaine is reading this, don’t worry. Our family of MU fans are ready to house you if if you are converted to a MU fan. Haha..

  • Elaine, you are most welcome to stay with me, if your dad closes his doors to you. I am an ex man u supporter, who loves south american soccer.

    • A young lady should prefer the sophistication of urbane London. I should be able to put you up for a year in an apartment in Highbury without charge . I will also give you a season ticket and the latest Arsenal team kit , all for free.

  • HAHA Elaine if you become a Man Utd fan, I will take you over my current GF (she is a whoever-is-playing-against-Man-Utd supporter), lol pastor kenny must approve of me first hahaha

  • Hi Sp,
    Don’t have to ask such silly questions when every one can see her joy in front of my poster.
    Her smile tell us how happy when I scored the 2 goals for MU. Haha..

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