From birth to bride

Jody and Sharon

10.10.10 is a memorable, once in a century date for weddings. So Sharon and Jody booked their hotel banquet about one year ahead. A few things made this wedding memorable besides the date though. For one thing, it was a Sunday. So in the morning worship service, it felt like we were in a megachurch because everybody were dressed up. Then it was Happy father, Abe Simthe wedding of two doctors: one of whom, Sharon, I blessed when she was a newly born baby, and now as a radiant bride. Something about being there and pastoring over decades that gives a kind of added satisfaction to the ceremony. No there were no tears, just a good feeling. Furthermore, the father is a good friend of mine, and a senior leader of the church, a most valuable player. It was also good to see my son and daughter, good friends of the bride, on stage leading in sharons-wedding-108song and playing the piano. Lastly, it was also reunion time: seeing dear friends who left our church for other churches. Weddings and funerals often offer opportunities to catch up, shake hands and mend bonds, renew fond memories that never die.  It was like a new chapter has turned and we have begun this year to see our own Sunday School kids marry.

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