Prayer for Singapore General Election 2011

Father in heaven,

You rule over all the nations, and place peoples in all their boundaries.

You set up leaders and You set them down.

We acknowledge Your authority over Singapore too.

Decades ago, You saved us from certain oblivion.

You have protected, guided, nurtured and blessed this nation with peace and plenty.

Your kindness has indeed made us Β a blessed people.

O Lord, we want to grow in peace and graciousness and compassion.

We pray that righteousness and justice, truth and mercy, will be part of the fabric of our nation.

We pray for a society where the weak, the poor and the marginalized will be helped and empowered.

Cause us, O Lord, Β to feel with Your heart, see with Your eyes, and think with Your thoughts.

Help us to cast our votes with wisdom and peace.

We Β trust Your hand in all things, and are assured that You will cause all things to work for the furtherance of Your purposes.

May Your name be praised, Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as in heaven. Amen.

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