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Here are some interesting stuff I have been reading as I scan my Google reader of all the blogs and websites I have subscribed:

There is still this persistent perception that Trinity Theological College is a liberal institution and Sze Zeng, unfazed by controversy,  argues against Benjamin Chew’s conclusion.  His argument is laid out here: Baseless gossip: “Trinity Theological College is liberal and filled with apostate lecturers”. The liberal as well as the fundamentalist label have been used by different parties to demonise groups they usually strongly disagree with. Some who hold that the King James Version is the only accurate, God-given one, categorize those who use other versions as “neo-orthodox” or even “liberals”, while they in return have been labelled “ultra fundamentalist”. Meanwhile, New Creation Church folks are “antinomian”, while those who hurl these accusations are in return called “legalists”. Isn’t it time to stop labelling and start understanding each other in true love and learn to agree to disagree.

What happens when you marry the contemplative habit of “mindfulness” with “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)”? Dr Alex Tang explains these two practices:

Mindfulness is a discipline that trains a person to be aware of the present moment and his or her place in that moment. It has a focus on the awareness which processes the mental and emotional responses of that person’s consciousness. Mindfulness is often associated with Buddhist meditation.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that undertakes to change behaviour by understanding and modifying the thinking behind that particular behaviour.

Read his blogpost “Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” to further grasp the usefulness of  MB-CBT.

Is New Creation Church a Cult? is an old topic but still bugs some people. Stanley Wong, a member of the church, answers this question logically.

I know this is a bit late but some of our best reflections do come long after a catastrophic event, like the earthquake and tsunami in north east Japan. Alwyn gives us three criteria by which to judge if any disaster is a judgement of God. Firstly, “The judgments were explicitly declared on very ‘public’ crimes”. Secondly, “There was a lengthy period of time for people to repent (and a fair amount of ‘bargaining’ allowed)”. Lastly, “There is always a righteous remnant (rescued at the 11th hour)”. Read this enlightening post, “Was the March Tsunami God’s Judgment on the Japanese?” .

Why isn’t the Kingdom of God, so prominent in the Synoptic Gospels, virtually low key in the rest of the New Testament? Let me introduce you to Dr. C. Baxter Kruger of whom I first heard in a YWAM conference (yes, this is a big surprise, isn’t it). In this post titled simply “The Kingdom” you will find a stunning insight about how eternal life is also Trinitarian life. Enjoy.

In Kuala Lumpur I met this lawyer who researched for evidence in the writings and sermons of theologians and pastors of another era that show they hold to the message of the gospel of grace or radical grace. Included in his archives are writings which show that  Martin Luther, Augustine, DL Moody, Charles Spurgeon, Watchman Nee, Major Ian Thomas, Martyn Lloyd Jones and even John Nelson Darby (Brethrenism) held to different extent similar beliefs on some of the distinct teachings associated with the message of radical grace that New Creation Church espouses. His blog is “His grace is enough”.

It was helpful that Steve McVey has written something on how “Stillness Speaks Volumes” particularly as I read it at this point in time before I make a trip to the Seven Fountains Retreat Center in Chiang Mai for a lengthy stillness. Going to take it a day at a time. Be mindful and fully present and rest in His love. My agape spa.

Talking about stillness, here is someone who practises stillness, contemplation, and centering prayer using photos and meditation to fill his blog, HearUout with insights and meditation. Have a look at this simple but interesting video.

A great idea comes from a personal blog of a church member Wei Yang. He will blog about how 300 people blessed and influenced his life. After all the political mud-throwing, its good to have some honest to goodness positive encouragement. 300 reminds me of Gideon’s 3oo and the 300 Greeks that stopped the whole Persian army from invading Greece. His blog is Be still and know. More people should do this. Wah….but 300. I am tired just thinking of it. May he succeed.

Finally something for Arsenal fans. Which players should Arsene Wenger buy this summer to give Arsenal FC the booster it needs to become English Premier League Champions in the new season? Read Jason’s idea of  “A ‘dream team’ for Arsenal’s next season” , and start dreaming.

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  • Thanks Blogpastor. Your recommendation of Baxter Krueger is something I’ve been wanting to get into for some time and will do so!

    Did you steal time away “illegally” from your retreat? haha! Hope you’ve having a good time!

    • Hi Jonathan, Nah, as you know WordPress platform allows for blogposts to be published at whatever dates you choose, whether it is past or future. I wrote all these before I went on retreat.

      The 30 day silent retreat has ended. It was wonderful and fruitful and will process it further before I blog about it.

  • The bible from cover to cover in ALL the 66 books tells the story of God’s amazing grace.

    No true church of Jesus Christ should have any problem with the teaching of God’s amazing grace because it is biblical and has always been there. This has to be reflected in the preachings and writings of these Christian giants like Martin Luther, Augustine, DL Moody, Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd Jones. There is nothing new per se, God;s amazing grace is the truth from the bible right from the start in Genesis to Revelation.

    Your comment that these doctrines of grace are “held to different extent similar beliefs on some of the distinct teachings associated with the message of radical grace that New Creation Church espouses.”

    The issue with NCC is not because it preaches radical grace and the rest of Christian world does not. The problem with NCC is that it mixes the true teachings of grace (as told by the bible) with Prince-made doctrines and twisted it to become “another Gospel”.

    The true Gospel of God’s amazing Grace espoused by Martin Luther, Augustine, DL Moody, Charles Spurgeon and Martyn Lloyd Jones is NOT the same as the version of the perverted “another Gospel” being preached from the pulpit of NCC.

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