Christmas refrain: Do not be afraid

On my knees I went. Lord, I am anxious about the days ahead. I like being real with God….and getting emotional with God, as I taught the congregation yesterday. And I told him about the two assignments I had to write by Sunday, 20 November. The meetings I had. The sermon I had to prepare. The appointments I had. One assignment had been outlined but not yet written. The other had only been thought about. Such murky “thought about” is like some unseen hungry monster in some dark corner of the room, usually under the bed. If only I had an outline I would feel more at ease. As I waited in silence, his whisper gave me assurance. Trust him to work it out. Trust him to work it out.

These several weeks I have been meditating on the birth narratives of Christ. Appropriately so as the Christmas season approaches. The Incarnation stuns me afresh. God took on human flesh. He who is Spirit is now adorned with flesh, glorified, scarred flesh. He did not tear it off after his ascension like some used dirtied clothing, but left it on himself like his favourite suit. Rightly so, as He wants to be appropriately dressed since He has invited us to the Trinitarian dance.

But of more immediate usefulness are those angelic refrain, Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. To Zechariah. To Mary. To Joseph. To the shepherds. To me too. To me too. As it turned out I was able to rejoice at doing all that needed to be done, including additions like a funeral, and all with poise and a remarkable flow of energy, and ahead of schedule too.

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  • Hello Pastor,

    Blessed belated birthday to you!

    Thanks for the sermon on emotions with God. A reminder for me that God doesn’t just demands me to come to Him withholding my emotions and feelings that He already knows. But like a loved one to another, to come clean before Him and find solace in Him.

  • Pastor Kenny I find this piece very poetic. There is a lyrical quality in sentences ( but for the last one). Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Dorothy, you were an English major weren’t you? Wonder where the poet came from. Maybe years of using King James Version ? 🙂 Should have gone into the Arts stream instead of compliance with my parents pragmatic push into the Science stream.

  • Pastor Kenny,
    In spite of your tight schedule, you could have say no to me on my request to holding my mum’s funeral service. We were blessed indeed. My brother and sisters appreciate your kindness and Annie, Jacob and I are really proud to have you as our Senior Pastor of WRPF.

  • Yay…thanks for this blog. I remember one verse on fear ………”let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”…. I get challenged pretty much once every couple of days this year since Instarted my new job… it helps me gird my heart.

    My pastor says Jesus has done everything for us but this is the only instance he asked us to do ourselves….to let our hearts not be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Gulp…

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