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Ben, Lyn, JourneymanMost readers who have lively discussions in on various issues do not have the desire or opportunity to meet face to face. Three visitors who have been active in discussions over topics such as reason and faith, and New Creation Church, met with me over the Chinese New Year period and we had an interesting and open sharing over lunch and a cuppa at Star Vista.  They were Ben, Lyn and Journeyman (see above L to R). We owed this meeting to Journeyman’s prodding and it was his treat. It was pleasing to learn that the blog provided a platform for learning to take place. I detected nuanced shifts and softened opinions and views. There was even openness to adoption of new postures. There was an acceptance that people have different journeys and God is big enough to handle the various stages that travelers find themselves in, and the various approaches they adopt.

We talked about what’s happening in our lives and why we see things the way we do. The range of topics we talked about was wide: the Singapore church scene; our faith and ministry stories; nature of prosperity and the abundant life; explanations of our various approaches and perspectives; and something about what we do. We asserted what we believed, and though at times we were opinionated, in the end we accepted that each of us were on our own respective journeys. While we said our goodbyes, and two will be in different countries, our paths will probably intersect again online, and God willing, perhaps face to face one day.

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  • Hi blogpastor,

    This photo does not do me justice! I look much prettier in person, really. 🙂

    It was a lovely meeting. It was a pleasant surprise to find that Journeyman is very warm hearted despite being a sceptic, Ben is unexpectedly young for such a passionate Christian and blogpastor, a gentle pastor full of faith.

    I do hope to meet up again and pray that God will draw us all closer to Himself this year. This is true prosperity and an abundant life indeed!

  • Kudos to the Fantastic Four of you, I salute your courage to meet up face-to-face with your compassion & concern for God & things of God. On the contrary, despite so many contributors during the fiery discussion, here i see no one dare to drop any comments except for those two who came. This reflects the ugly truth of Singaporeans, including so-called Christians who participated in this topic, show no compliments nor encouragement of seeing the meeting of the foursome. It just shows, Singaporeans like to complain, talk bad, argue for the sake of venting up their perspectives but no displaying of the fruit of the spirit. I’m perturbed that Churches in Singapore had raised many yakity yak Christians who don’t walk their talk but quick to jump into argument but bear no fruit. We need true Christians who bears the character & behave like our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless this four.

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