Flight to China

This past two weeks were like a packed luggage bag.

There were the preparations and co-ordination for the Annual General Meeting that ended this afternoon. We wanted to amend some parts of the church constitution. The meeting was peaceful and there were good questions raised that needed to be raised. It went well. The constitution amendments proposed were accepted by the general body.

I had to catch up with my pre-campus readings for my MTh program under AGST Alliance. This particular module on Educational Leadership required me to read two books. One is the Kouzes & Posner’s classic,  “The Leadership Challenge”. The other is “Leading Congregational Change” (Herrington, Bonem and Furr). Not exactly books I would read had it not been for the course.  I had to hand in some reflection papers and so I tried to complete the required readings for the two weeks when I would be away in the western part of China to visit some friends of the church. There are two more readings to do and it should not be hurried and they are meant to be reflected upon for application. I have brought them with me in my Galaxy Tab, now a cannot- live- without item in my life. Four hours flights and transits are good reading and reflection periods.

The sermon this Sunday morning also needed to be worked on and I could only complete it on Saturday evening. Missed my Saturday morning trek this time round.

Due to this trip and the 10 days I would be away, I needed to clear stuff and do some work ahead of time. No complaints. This is part and parcel of the Singapore life. Still some stuff left undone.

Then there is packing. I hate packing. Somehow this time the grace was present to get it done.

So tomorrow at 5.30 am I leave for Changi International Airport bound for Kunming.

Pray for me and the team.

Flight to China can have other connotations too.

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