Ten reasons to feel blessed on National Day

I do not have 10,000 reasons to feel blessed to be a Singaporean. However, I can certainly come up with 10 reasons to be thankful about being a Singaporean.  I am sure all of you can too. Here are my ten reasons:

  1. We are able to practice our faith without fear.
  2. There is law and order and it is safe to walk the streets even after 10pm.
  3. We have varied paths in our education system for developing different talents.
  4. We have jobs in relative abundance.
  5. We have homes that we own.
  6. A clean and capable government.
  7. Peace with neighbouring countries.
  8. The country is well organized and things run efficiently.
  9. There is a growing increasingly vocal and active citizenry.
  10. A good standard of medical care is available.

What are your 10 blessings of being a Singaporean?

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