Happy Teachers’ Day

One teacher changed my name from Kenneth to Kenny when I was in Primary 1. My parents did not protest and neither did I. Her name was Miss Pat, an Eurasian. One caned me on the backside. His name was Mr Tan, a Maths teacher. The form teacher was out. The class was noisy. He passed by. I was one of many who were talking. He picked me out. PIAKK. How could I forget? He passed away. One stirred my interest in Geography. Strangely I have forgotten her name. Got it. It’s Mrs Tong. One brought me to the principal’s office, after I had let slip a secret in my essay. Her name was Ms Oehlers. One Literature teacher showed she cared when I was apathetic. She is Ms Hughes an English rose. To all the above (except one) and many more, I say thanks. Thanks for developing my potential. To all teachers, I say, HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY.

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