Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour: Singapore churches object

Rebel Heart Tour by Madonna in Singapore National Stadium
Rebel Heart Tour by Madonna in Singapore National Stadium

It has become unfashionable to express a Christian stand that is unpopular. As Singapore pushes the traditional boundaries of acceptability to create more buzz and business, the church finds itself mistakenly viewed as belligerent, out-dated, and downright obnoxious for objecting to sin.

Without doubt the church could do with some lessons in the finer arts of public relations. However, a bold and assured witness to what the church and Christ stands for, though imperfect in expression and timing, is better than a silence that may be misconstrued as endorsement.

Of recent note are issues surrounding LGBT, the Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert concerts. Now it is the Madonna “Rebel Heart Tour” at the National Stadium on Sunday night. The churches in Singapore has been assured that the pole-dance around the cross and other sacrilegious acts and words will not be included in the performance here. Even so, the Roman Catholic Church, the National Council of Singapore Churches, and the Love Singapore churches have all raised their concerns with the authorities, and we too in our small way should speak up for our Lord…..even if it is unfashionable, unpopular, and challenging. We don’t have to wait for the 666 mark of the Beast to be put on our foreheads or hands. What mark do we bear today?

Rev Henson Lim has written a convincing piece on this matter. Enjoy.

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  • Well done blogpastor! About time the church in Spore preach hard messages to the congregation and this is encouraging . “In this age, telling the the truth is tough business and not for the faint hearted”. – Albert Mohler Everyone must do past their part. One can be big but toothless whereas a smaller church can be impactful by doing things in the right way, preaching the truth and working with bigger groups.

    • Hi Candid, nobody wants to rock the boat and many prefer a more mellow or mature or secure or measured response. As Paul puts it, Let everyone weigh the matter in his heart and do as his conscience dictates. Which is what I have done.

  • At least Singapura churches stand like a mountain against the Rebel Heart… Philippine churches seems to have been flooded… does not react anymore to the world! Waiting for the flood to recede in this postmodern age.

    • Hi Leongats, Thanks for your affirmation of Singapore churches. I would have thought the Catholic Church of Philippines would have protested strongly on this issue. Definitely with more vigour than the evangelical church. I would be disappointed if they hadn’t.

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