Website problem resolved, but not the blogging problem

Apologies for the website problems recently. I was about to write a post last week when I realised my website had vanished and been replaced by something else. I asked my friend Vee for advice and she said it is because I had not paid for the domain name. The last time I paid was five years ago and must have forgotten. I am now thankful its back again thanks to the belated but successful intervention.

I am struggling with writing posts as a discipline, and sometimes am blank for some weeks, like in June. I write a draft but just do not post it because I was not convinced its worth putting out. I struggle to write about the latest happenings like the attack on the mosque in New Zealand, significant news reports like Taiwan’s acceptance of gay marriages, etc. It just feels tiresome. So I am asking the Lord to help me, guide me, and inspire me. And if He so leads, to stop writing for a season. More likely He seems to be helping me find my unique voice in a space that is full of better informed writers, researchers, academics, pastors, and creatives. So pray along with me.

The earth was void and empty and the Spirit was hovering over the mess. Then God spoke, and sparks flew, and something beautiful, useful and meaningful came out of it. Praying this will happen to my blog.

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  • 2 articles that I found useful regarding the challenge of Christian blogging are:
    Blogging for God’s Glory
    Three Kinds of Blogs
    One talks about reasons (purpose, audience, commitment, networking, growth) and the other talks about types of blogs.

    Ps Kenny, I just want to continue to affirm and encourage you in your blogging journey/endeavour. I probably started blogging a few years after you in 2007, I believe you began in 2005. But chancing on your blog, and the interaction and friendship that has been forged through a shared interest and just being a fellow blogging local pastor has been a source of encouragement in my own blogging journey. I believe one of your earliest posts talks about the value of writing. I believe this is truly a lost art, and an increasing challenge, perhaps along with reflection, and reading. I myself find it a challenge to regularly blog and post articles, and I agree about taking breaks and seasons of writing/blogging.

    Praying with you that God will continue to inspire and influence you to exercise whatever gifts He blesses you with, to inspire and influence others as well, be it in pastoral ministry, family life, or perhaps blogging. Keep on keeping on!

    • Thanks Timothy for your gracious, encouraging and supportive words. I will look up the links later. Recently, the Lord graciously brought to my mind an angle from which to blog, and I will apply this to future posts and sees where it leads me next. Thanks again, and let’s keep on keeping on.

      PS read the links: great helpful articles. Felt blessed.

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