Write what you see

The blank page is no longer a blank page for me. As I delight in the Lord, and observe the desires that the Spirit fans aflame in my heart, I get an idea of what the Lord wants of me in this new season. Writing is one of them. 

Therefore, I need to start writing in simple faith and obedience. What better way than to return to blogging. Even if the traffic and eyeballs may have gone to Facebook, Instagram and all kinds of other social media, blogging is a great way to build a rhythm and discipline of writing. It’s a way to get the ideas flowing, and I am trusting that the Lord would help me surface some themes and burdens that can be turned into an e-book.

Writing three paragraphs seems such a small first step, but I should not despise small beginnings. The more I faithfully obey the Lord, the more he will add on, and inspire and sharpen. As I have been reading the book of Revelation, one of the phrases that attracted my attention was: Write what you see. Its another prod to me to Write, write and keep writing. I am also reminded of prophecies from prophet Amos Jayarathnam, and others, exhorting me to Write. So write I must.

Lord thank you for stirring this desire to write. I will take steps of faith to do so – even if they are tiny steps. Let your anointing be present to make words flow from my fingertips and fly off into cyberspace and land on hearts that are open and hungry for you. May those words find root, resonance and stir holy desires for more of You. Amen.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Ps Kenny; your example has always been an encouragement for me to, as a fellow pastor-blogger-writer. Thought I would have more time to blog after moving from ministry to studies, but seems like I’m stuck in academic mode somehow… also, think something is lost somehow when we type-blog, rather than physical writing on paper, missing the past times of journaling, physical note-taking.

    Praying for God to bless you with inspiration, motivation and perseverance for both blogging and writing your book.

    • Thanks Timothy, I agree with you. I have journaled using e-journals but find old school writing on paper a more pleasurable experience. I do hope you enjoy your studies in the bastion of evangelical seminaries and God willing, enter academic life as you would have solid pastoral experience and academic rigour to teach and train future pastors.

      Yes do pray for me – I appreciate that. I depend too much on inspiration. I need the faith and discipline of obedience and perseverance, what Eugene Peterson described as “a long obedience in the same direction” or something like that.

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