Write Every Day

It was so simple. I knew it from reading about writing. WRITE EVERY DAY. The discipline of writing every day yields benefits, as sure as sowing results in the joys of harvesting. 

For the past week, I tried a few times to write, but could not get down to it. I did not feel like doing it. I did not feel motivated nor inspired. However, on Sunday, when a friend asked for help to write something about frequently asked questions about retreats, I got it done in less than an hour. I actually could write (without inspiration). I suppose the motivation was there though: the desire to help out as a member of a team that supports retreats. So I wrote, and as I wrote I did not feel inspired, just motivated.

Today over tea and curry puffs, I talked with a friend about writing, and journeying with younger pastors, post-retirement. I was pretty sure this is what the Lord is leading me towards thus far. I have given God a blank page and he has written. My friend casually mentioned something about the importance of writing every day. It hit me, like God was prodding me: Just write it. Don’t have to post everything you write every day. Some days the post is not complete. Leave it to stew. Work on more than one posts. Edit. Rewrite. More thinking and research. Then shoot when its ready to be sprung from the bow. That motivated me.

I sat down in the evening, and wrote this. Ha! 

Thank you, Lord. Let this be the start of a fruitful and godly and happy habit. Amen.

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  • Good to see you writing more! Writing is a craft, and hence working on it every day will sharpen your skills and potentially build habits to accomplish a big writing task (a book perhaps?). In fact, there is a book titled ‘Write no matter what’!

    • Thanks Veesan, for the encouragement. My hope is that some blogposts can be compiled according to specific themes. They will act as drafts to be developed into small e-books to be distributed foc.

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