Gleanings from my Blogroll

I spent an enjoyable evening reading some of the blogs I follow. I do this on and off. Often to my disappointment there were few updates. This time round, my net was full. Here are a few gleanings from my readings:

Michael Han writes like an editor who highlights a news event or figure and analyses it in depth and makes his comments about it from a Christian viewpoint. I found this blogpost about two successful men stimulates hope and encourages faithful living.

Jacintha Teo’s piece about the wisdom of completely surrendering and entrusting to God our love relationships with a special other totally is one that will release people in entangled, one-sided, conflicted relationships from anxiety, fear, and anger and bring them to a place of peace.

I was moved by the honest and vulnerable self-disclosure of Joanne Lee Wong about her sufferings and struggles with depression. It made me want to pray for her regularly. It takes a lot of courage and humility to write such beautiful truth.

I like Christina Siew’s honest struggle of whether to support or detract from Joseph Prince after reading all the negative stuff about his teachings on the internet. She let’s you in on her thought process as she describes her journey.

Pastor Henson Lim tries to describe an interesting spiritual adulting stage he finds himself in. It is one in which he feels the Lord is entrusting more matters to his judgment knowing that he could be relied upon having seen how he has been faithful these past 21 years . Read it to know fully what he means to say.

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    • You are welcome Christina. I nodded in empathy as I read about your doubts and frustrations. I believe some readers who attend New Creation church may be having similar feelings. Thanks for sharing.

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