Gleanings From My Blogroll

I enjoyed reading some of the bloggers I follow in my blogroll. As usual some blogs have remained at hentai kaki (Malay for marching on the spot) while others have recently updated their blog. 

The most prolific would be Rev Dr Tony Siew who blogs regularly about his faith ministry of bringing the word of God to rural Sabah. In his recent update he mentioned how he turned down two offers to teach in seminary, and one offer of a denominational position, in order to obey God’s instruction to him. Respect. Click here.

I loved the story of Ps Timothy Pang as he reminisced about the love of his late grandparents. I never experienced this at all. None of my grandparents were around – they all passed away before I was born. Click here.

Fr Chris Soh, a Jesuit priest, puts his homilies online in his blog and I believe we Protestant pastors can learn from him how to be more interesting in our introductions, and succinct in the content of our sermons, especially with the short attention span of the many who “watch” online services. Click here.

Ps Henson Lim has written an Ebook of his reflections on the Psalms that he is giving out free of charge. Don’t miss it. Did I say it: IT’S FREE. Click here.

Christina Siew reflects about Hell after her daughter told her non-Christian father, “Those who don’t believe in God, will go to health!’.  Click here.

My Primary and Secondary school classmate, James Tann, reveals some interesting secrets about a breached dam wall and an old Bukit Batok Park. I admire his attention to historical details. Completely reliable stuff. No fake news. Go here and here.

Joanne Lee Wong writes another authentic piece that moved my heart. She is really good. Is it the University of Oxford? Methinks she writes from the heart. Click here.

Finally, I also had the pleasant discovery that Dr Alex Tang has produced quite a number of YouTube videos and I immediately subscribed to his channel before he asked me to. Here is another positive development that came out of the pandemic lockdowns! Here is one of them.

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  • Thanks for the shoutout/reco, Ps Kenny! Always encouraged & inspired by your writings too, puts me to shame for not posting more regularly, glad to able to spur one another on towards love, good deeds, & blogging 😉

  • Hello Kenny, thanks for mentioning my blog in your post…retirement already? I read in your other blogpost and I am also contemplating the same and have the same wish – a camera ☺️

    • Rev Dr Tony, The Lord grant you a good camera for Christmas! Thanks for comment. So nice to hear from you.

      It has been a good year of rest and transition. Gods calling remains but will be expressed in a different form in the new chapter.

      Do remember me in prayer.

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