My Father Knows

I have have been using my Galaxy Note 9 smartphone for over five years. I bought it at a special price after a newer model had been released for some months. I loved getting these slightly older models at good value. This was back then when I was still pastoring. I found the S Pen such a necessary feature to write quick notes on photos, screenshots, and on blank sheets and file them for reference. Very convenient, very accessible, and easy to use, store and retrieve the notes. After I retired, I used it less, but when I needed it, it was still conveniently tucked into the bottom corner of the phone. 

However, in the last year or so, the Apps started giving me problems, and only this week, I found out that it was probably because Samsung had stopped updating Android software on my Note 9. It stopped a few years ago and this probably affected some apps. In addition, I noticed that the phone battery has weakened. This is more easily resolved with a new battery, but the software fix would be impossible for me to implement. I was resigned to living with these limits.

However, my Father in heaven, who sustains the whole universe, and is the Infinite Multitasker, knew what was happening to my phone, and what was puzzling me at that time. 

My Father’s surprise

Ping, my daughter in law, sent me a message and said she had received a gift Pixel 7a smartphone from her Japanese friend. Her friend had won the prize in a company function, and didn’t need it. Ping and all others in the family uses iPhones. I am the only Android phone user. So when she generously asked if I wanted it, I quickly checked out the model on the internet, and replied with a happy YES! of course.

Pixel phones intrigued me many years back. Their first few models became popular for being bloat-free, for their pricing, system apps, camera software, and their regular software updates and upgrades. I became quite excited to explore this new tool, even though I will have to sacrifice my S Pen, and a few better specs, that I can live without. 

The last few days since Presidential Election Friday, I have been transferring data, familiarizing myself with the new phone, calling out “Hey Google” and asking all kinds of very important questions like, “Who won the match between Arsenal and Man United?” this morning. In the last hour I was trying out the editing tool in the camera. And there is so much more I need to tap on. It’s like the finished work of Christ – there is so much more that we can appropriate and experience if we want to, and are willing to keep pressing in. 

When I reflected on what happened, my heart overflowed with thanksgiving. My Papa gives attention to my minute needs and sometimes even before I pray for something, he surprises me out of the blue, and a new vista of exploration, learning and capabilities opens up.

Praise the Lord. Let all that has breath, “Praise the Lord!”.

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