My online teaching setup

Teaching by zoom requires some equipment. I began with just a laptop. When I received feedback that my voice was not clear, I used a Bose Soundsport wireless earphone. But it wasn’t consistent because it was wireless. So I finally settled for a Samsung wired earphone, the kind that comes packaged with your mobile device. No more complaints – so I stuck with this.

Then I wanted the zoom class to see more of my body not just my head, since communications can be improved with fuller expressions that includes the upper body, arms and hands. So I bought the classic Logitec C920 webcam (below $200) that has a wider lens. In future, this could be used for recording with my laptop. But I need time to watch YouTube videos and learn how to do this. One for when I have more time and desire.

However, shadows on the face with bright backgrounds is not pleasant to watch on screen, especially for long stretches. So I bought a LED light on a stand for less than $20.

As you can see, one thing led to another, and as you try to solve a problem, more purchases of equipment are made, little by little. I even bought a laptop stand to elevate the laptop for a less distorted view. But my daughter uses it for her work, so I settled for some Tupperware storage box, where I keep all my smaller online recording equipment.

I wonder if I will end up purchasing more and better equipment as I progress, or will all this stuff become white elephants.

What about you? Have you purchased any equipment because of the “new normal”? Any equipment to recommend me to improve what I am currently using?

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