Early train to Busan

I was not keen on visiting the DMZ. Boring, I thought. My wife and I were attracted to an alternative proposal to go to Busan on the 29th October 2017.  (Yes this is a belated post of a last year’s travel experience). So off we went on an early train from Seoul to Busan. We were relieved that there were no zombies on the train. We got off there and hopped onto a bus that would bring us to the famous and popular tourist spot Gamcheon Cultural Village. This village is an example of the power of the arts upon living spaces. Artists moved into a depressed area to take advantage of cheaper rent and their creativity and art uplifted the surrounding physical environment and gave a community in decline, some progress and hope. It is now a “must-go” place for tourists. The village is a mobile phone photographer’s paradise.

At the entrance of Gamcheon Cultural Village: Yenny, Joy Lian, Eunice Lian, Jenny, Y.K., Kenny
The must have shot that’s evidence you were there
I’m climbing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day
Enlarge my world O Lord
Lots of lovely colourful spots for photography
Having a coffee break at a cafe with a nice view

After a whole morning exploring the village we made our way to the local market for seafood lunch. After all, Busan is a seaport. Seafood for sure is the must-eat food of Busan. After asking around several restaurants and weighing the pros and cons we settled on a restaurant along the main entrance into the local fish market. It was a satisfying meal, especially the crab. Oh, the crab which has legs that has more meat than the body. Sweet meat, from the fresh, sea waters of the eastern sea.

Seafood set
Korean shashimi: frankly, I squirmed
Snow crab
Delicious finale: rice fried with crab juice and seaweed
At Haeundae beach in the evening before heading back to Seoul
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