Malaysian election victory for opposition, victory for righteousness

I met the Chuas after church. They visit our church English service once or twice a year when they are in Singapore. They are Malaysians. I was preaching in the deaf congregation. So I went up to the English congregation hall and met them. And they were so excited.

Over a long lunch, I chatted with Chua and he was talking about the exciting, stunning election win of the opposition party alliance, Pakatan Harapan (“Alliance of Hope”), over the then ruling Barisan Nasional party. The unexpected had happened. It surprised a lot of people. It was like Trump beating Clinton – nobody saw it coming.

Chua said, “The Malaysian Christians have been praying for the downfall of the tyrannical and corrupt government and the installation of a righteous government. God has answered their cries.” I rejoiced with the Chuas, and all my friends in Malaysia.

This is wonderful news and I hope that positive and powerful changes would be made to make Malaysia a great country where corruption and injustice is stamped out, the economy produces jobs for all, and all races and religions are respected without favour to any particular one. May the opposition alliance stay together and be united for the long haul and bring about a renewed Malaysia.

Over this week, besides “arsenal news” I often typed, “Malaysian news” on Google search, to see what else God is doing in Malaysia to overthrow injustice and corruption and establish peace, order and honour.

God bless Malaysia!

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