Sister Rubina, Derrick and Connie Jacobs

S. Rubina with Kenny and Jenny

It was several months ago when Sister Rubina from the Sisters of Mary, Australia visited her family in Singapore. I met her at Nat and Janice’s registration of marriage, and then later she shared an exhortation about first love for Jesus in our Sunday church service, and we had lunch with her and her parents. Her parents, Derrick and Connie Jacobs, are old friends and excellent examples of godly couples who grey graciously, strong in faith, and contentment.

Derrick and Connie Jacobs

I have known Sister Rubina and her parents way back in the late 1970’s. They attended our church and I was sent to help the home fellowship in Derrick Jacob’s home. I remember long bus commutes from Hillview in the west to the Parbury area in the east, fellowship, prayer times and returning home very late. I cannot remember how long this went on but I do rememberĀ  that I baptized Rubina in the East Coast sea. Revival fires were still burning in those early days.

Derrick Jacobs went on to start “The Christian Library” ministry and recently I visited him again and had fellowship in the office. Besides lending out books they carry a large array of messages in digital formats and they are available for sale. Take a look if you are interested:

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  • Hey! Sr. Rubina and I were in MYF together and so were Gerard and Dennis, too. I know Lorraine, too. Sr. Rubina and I were in the same cell group and she shared with me about the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary due to my desire to serve God as a single person. We prayed for each other and it is interesting how God directs our paths.

    The Jacobs are a wonderful blessing to so many people.

  • Wow small world. I heard Lorraine is now in Scotland.

    “serve God as a single person”: were you thinking of a life of celibacy too? And now you have husband, kids and ministry too.

  • I still feel the pull towards a life of celibacy!

    Am not sure about the ministry part. It is difficult to define.

    Happy Joyous New Year, Blogpastor!

  • I need to find my long lost friend Lorraine. I have been living in the states for 20 years now. I first met her parents in 1972. Left Singapore in 1979 to move to England. I do hope the family remembers me.

  • Thanks. Tell Rubina that I knew her as Sandra, when I was 14 year old. I had spend the weekend with them.

  • Hi Sandra (sister Rubina),
    This is Mary. We went to SAC together in the same class. I hear you are in NSW. It will be good to catch up. Give me your no and when I can call you. I m in Brisbane.
    Take care

    • Hi Mary
      If you wish to contact Rubina use the following contacts:

      Street Address:
      Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
      30 Taylor Place
      Theresa Park NSW 2570

      Postal Address:
      Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
      PO Box 430
      Camden NSW 2570

      Tel.: 61-2-4651-2334
      Fax: 61-2-4651-0888

      Email :

  • I had a classmate named Derrick Jacobs in St Anthony’s Boys School in Singapore in 1953. Is the Derrick Jacobs shown the son of my classmate? If so I would like to get in touch. Joe de Souza

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