Off to Manchester for a semester

bye-bye dinnerMy daughter Elaine went to stay with my wife’s sister and husband, Amy and Mike in Bolton, England. This is the coldest in England in perhaps two decades. All of us are going to miss her but she is all wrapped up in warm comfort and care.

She will be an exchange student in the University of Manchester for a semester. How the Lord opened the way and provided the funds for her to go there is a testimony in itself. We are grateful to God for his undeserved blessings, and theAmy and Mike generosity of friends and family.

We were with her on skype and she looked happy and spoilt! She showed us a smart jacket and some warm turtleneck from sales there- snazzy stuff. We were happy for her and appreciated the Blyths for the love and generosity in hosting her for the period.

As all football fans know, Manchester is the home of the world’s second most famous football club: Manchester City FC. In case you wonder which is the most famous, and greatest, it is Arsenal FC.   🙂

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  • Haha.. Just when you preached on the previous Sunday about Arsenal, then came the downfall.. Stoke City 3 Arsenal 1.
    Yes, Arsene Wenger is following the foot step of Sir Alex. Forget about the FA Cup just concentrate on the Euro Championship and the Premier League because Arsenal just did not have the depth in the squad. The most famous and greatest in the English Premier League but at the same time have not won any trophies for the past 4 years..mmm quite a contradition…

  • Oh oh..I hope this is not a road to disaster..Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 0. Thomas Vermaelen injured.

    This Sunday will be the game man…
    Arsenal vs Man United

  • Hey Ps sorry man I have been a MU’s fan for the last 2 decade … BIG MATCH this weekend – they always performed better away especially against top club …/


    Strange how we all expect that after Christmas, Arsenal’s season is going to unravel again and Man Utd’s is going to finish strongly.

    It has happened too many times in the past.

    If fans do not believe in miracles, the English Premier League is finished.

    • At last, a miracle striked where all the top four drop points and Arsenal is the only team that won. 6 points and 5 points behind Chelsea and MU respectively.

      Now that the tough games are over, Arsenal needs to win the rest of the games, agree?

  • We do believe in miracles but like what Nicky Gumble said “we cannot change the capital of Italy from Rome to Paris” The fact is Man Utd, Man City & Chelsea have a bigger pool of players.

    Anyway, I hope Sol Campbell plays this weekend..

  • P Kenny. Heard from Jacob that Elaine will be watching the big match at Old Trafford MU vs West Ham. What a treat. Will she be converted to a MU Fan?

    The 3 top clubs at the Chees, Chelsea (Josh), Arsernal (yrself) and Elaine (MU)..

      • P Kenny,
        Tonight Elaine will be at Old Trafford man.. Cheering for the Reds to beat West Ham and catch up with Chelsea..

        • P Kenny, the photos with the atmosphere at Old Trafford were beautiful including Elaine. So were the magnificient and fabulous goals by Rooney and Owen.

          Everyone of us has the power of choice, including supporting MU instead of Arsenal. I hope Elaine gets entry to her home when she returns to Singapore..Haha..

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