Noah’s Ark found?

Noah’s Ark Discovery Exciting, Tenuous:  Experts are waiting for scientific evidence to prove that the relic found on Mount Ararat in Turkey by a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers is in fact the one and only Noah’s Ark. A Dutch Ark researcher was reported as saying there is a “tremendous amount of solid evidence” that the wooden structure found there is in fact the Ark mentioned in the biblical story in Genesis, but an archaeologist from Stony Brook University in New York remains skeptical, saying “I don’t know of any expedition that ever went looking for the ark and didn’t find it.” The evangelical group says carbon dating suggests the wood is of correct age, but scientists say this method only tells how old the wood is, not how old the structure is. Some even question the possibility that a wooden artifact exposed to air could have survived from ancient times. Most scientists appear to be waiting for empirical evidence and/or the opportunity to conduct independent examinations to support the discovery. (New York Daily News- 4/29/10)

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  • Very interesting indeed!

    There’s been a lot of fruitless research on Mount Ararat for years, so this is to be taken with bated breath I guess.

    But what a find it would be if this is Noah’s Ark 🙂

  • John 20:29
    Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

    Why are we so interested to find the Ark?

  • @Finishedwork,

    Why not? Why shouldn’t we be interested in such a discovery?

    If it is something of God, it is worth finding out about for it can testify about God’s redemptive plan through the ages 🙂

  • True- it’s best to believe without seeing.

    True (for me) – to know that the bible i been reading is not just a matter of different people thruout history putting it together just for the sake of doing it. finding the dead sea scrolls, Noah’s ark would satisfy my own personal “cravings” of the things that had indeed happened as described in the bible…


  • Brothers,
    Significantly it was a Hong Kong team of Chinese that discovered and announced it. Chinese have always looked at Christianity as a bad Western import. Its good that this archaeological discovery, was uncovered and announced by Chinese themselves. Hong Kong is already part of China ( 1 Billion people).

    With this I hope more Chinese will take a second look at the Bible.

  • Hi Pastor,

    Actually, World largest group of believers are in China, an estimated 33,000 come to Yeshua Daily (according to a Bro-in-Christ) who was based in China for a couple of years and is now still supporting house churches. Also, HK has a Noah Ark’s theme park, (i’ve not been there). but built to real life size of actual Noah’s ark….

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