Going Kame ManNen

Kame ManNenWho has heard of Kame ManNen? I have not, that is until now. Its a Japanese optical frame brand known for its design and quality. Tired of cheap spectacles made in China and Korea, I tried going Japanese. An internet search showed that this strange sounding brand got its name from a old Japanese proverb that “turtles live for a thousand years”. Started in 1917, they wanted to “create distinctly beautiful optical frames using the finest materials and built to last”. That sounded like what I wanted. The frames had a bias towards the round shape and I was told it’s a popular Japanese preference. The few round frames I tried made me look arty or like the literati – maybe a professor, a playwright, author, architect or someone in advertising.Β  If I wore them, I would not need to craft catchy introductions to sermons. However, everyone in the Sunday congregation, would be so fixated with the spectacles, they wouldn’t remember what I preached. So safely I chose theΒ  titanium frame that looked rectagular-round and vintage gold colour, with turtles etched all around. Super light and small so that the lens’ thickness doesn’t show.Β  LindaΒ  Teo at Sintat Optical, at Katong Shopping Centre served me super well, a rare treat considering the service levels we experience in Singapore. Kame ManNen…..remember that name.

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  • Sorry Pastor. What you meant is Kame Megane (Japanese pronunciation mei ga nei). Kame is Tortoise or Turtle and Megane is spectacle in Japanese.

    Are you going to show us the photo of the megane?

  • Sunny, its the spectacles brand name lah. Click on the red lettered name to see their website.

    Mine is KMN-30.

    By the way, your Japanese still there, huh?

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