Blogpastor’s English premier league championship 2010/11 predictions

EPLArsenal to win the championship as the young guns have matured, played together and toughed it out over the last few years and added needed people. When a consistent steady goalkeeper is added in January, Arsenal’s trophy cupboard, empty in the last few years, should brighten up in 2011.

Manchester United will be second. Ferguson is master of the negative split and in the second half of the season expect a strong surge from Manchester United.

Chelsea is an experienced team but the squad has been whittled down and the players are over the hill. Age and injuries to key players,  will see them lose vital points in the second half of the season.

Manchester City will push Tottenham Hotspur to the sidelines and pip them to be fourth in the league table. They deserve it, after all that oil money that gushed out to buy ready-made players.

Never had my predictions come out right in all these years, so hope to do better this time round.

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  • Why no mention of Liverpool? haha…

    My predictions are almost the same as yours but a swap of positions between Man U and Arsenal.

    Man U will regain their championship title this season. And like you, I also did not mention Liverpool as well =P

  • Man United often peak at the right time. They will be the champion and Chelsea will take the Champion League. As for the 2nd position, it may be Liverpool as they will break all records with 30 game winning streak.

    You are indeed funny after being beaten by Chelsea 2-0, you still place Arsenal higher than Chelsea. Arsenal will need to learn how to beat WBA at home 1st then the cany beat the top 4, including Liverpool.

    Arshavin is pretty lazy and your Central defender..what is his name Kocen…cannot defend and missed an open goal..They should nailed Chelsea in the 1st 15 minutes. Sigh…

  • I think i still do not have enough faith in this arsenal side. reason? not-good-enough central defenders (except verma), and the goalkeeping issue. And too many injuries….sigh.

    1. Chelsea – pretty much the same team. gets better as understanding improved with time. Strong depth in squad.
    2. Man U – still dangerous but still missed ronaldo. berba has improved but rooney swap form with berba’s old self.
    3. Arsenal – some improvement with chamakh. however still lack wat i mentioned earlier and a gutsy mentality. If they can beat the top teams, then they will have a chance.
    4. Spurs – i favour them over man city. dunno why.

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