The food at The Seven Fountains

It began on 1 June and now its 4th of July. The actual 30 day Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius has concluded. Processing and taking it all in, basking in its afterglow, and trying to understand the dynamics involved in this directed retreat is what’s going on with me now. Reading some stuff on the history of spirituality and the dynamics and flow of the spiritual exercises. Not ready to blog much about it now, but here is an easier thing to publish: the meals we were served here at The Seven Fountains Ignatian Spirituality Centre, at Chiang Mai, Thailand. There were several more dishes left out, but most of the meals are reflected here. More vegetables and fruits than meat. Strong vibrant flavours and taste. It was thirty days before I began to tire and look outside for some meals. Not bad – kudos to the cooks.

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  • You did the 30 day exercise! Where did you do it and who directed you?
    It was a great experience for me and I cannot wait to hear about yours.

    • Et tu, Alex? I did it at Seven Fountains, Chiangmai, and Fr David Townsend directed me together with two other seminarians, Greg Chan and Peter.

  • Hi P Kenny. I remember those dishes and every meal with Chilli Padi. That’s the best man. While Annie and I watch this video, I told her I could smell the veggie and meat. ha ha.. Jenny is there too right. Remember to bring her to Tsunami huh..

    • Hi Sunny, yes the chili padi in fish sauce is shiok. My favourite is the the dish in the third slide. Looks like mee siam but tastes like Sarawak laksa. It was only cooked once! Jenny is with me and liking it. Yes Tsunami of course! haha.

  • P Kenny. One more suggestion for Jenny. Bring her to Airport mall and she can buy KAPPA sports shirts and shorts for her pickaball games. Pretty affordable as sfter conversion is less than $7.00 or so. The shop is at the corner end in front of the escalators.
    Aiya, as I write, I am being lured to go for the retreat again…

  • Hi Sunny/Kenny

    Better sign up fast as Dec retreat is filling up. Kenny enjoy the rest of your time and the journey contiune be bold He will guide you surprise you. We met Alvin n Susan here in NZ and Christian and they are well. Greeting to all from WRPF

  • Hi Sunny, thanks for advice. Yes she bought some shorts there.
    Hi Simon, yes by then all the ladies’ blocks will have attached bathrooms.

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