Annapurna base camp trek

Just came back from Chiang Mai on Monday night. It was a prayer retreat that allowed me to predispose myself more fully to His grace and love and spiritual liberty. God willing, more will be written about that later.

This trek was in 2009. I couldn’t go, but my wife did. Viewing it reminded me of a similar trek I did to Poon Hill, an easier one. Nepal has beautiful, affordable trekking trails with views that money cannot buy. Your heart sings His praise and you have a glimpse of what is meant by “his glory fills the earth”. Cannot imagine what it was like in Eden.

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  • Hi Pastor,

    With all due respect, it could have been Lord Krishna or Allah who created our universe.

    Who knows, right, until we meet our end?


    Nice video btw.

  • hello madcat,what made you think that it could be Krishna or Allah
    who created the universe ?I remember that when I was 7yrs old,i read from a certain story book that Mickey mouse created it know?hahaha!

  • Hi madcat,
    I don’t have empirical knowledge, but knowledge based on eyewitness accounts in the gospels, and experiential knowledge of Creator God, and though not acceptable to scientific folks, its good enough for me.

    Hi winsome,
    Mickey mouse could only created a cartoon world, but the mountains in Nepal are real and you can find tour companies on the net who do these treks. The risk would be altitude sickness, but the guides will take precautions. Hope that is some help.

  • Hi Pastor,

    Similarly, a Hindu or a Muslim will say to me “but knowledge based on eyewitness accounts in the [Hindu/Muslim scriptures] and experiential knowledge of Creator God, …it’s good enough for me”

    Well, to each his own. Faith and religion can be good to the individual.

  • Hi madcat,
    Have you ever had an experience of God’s love or greatness before? Just curious.

  • Madcat – If person A told you that Paddle Pop is the best ice cream in the world and person B told you that Ben & Jerrys is the best ice cream in the world, how would you personally determine which is the best ice cream in the world? =)

    Blogpastor –

    Hi Pastor Kenny,

    Come back soon! =)

    Perhaps, just perhaps time for Mount K. Part IV!!!
    Winds of Change is happening and we’re excited at what is to come =)

  • Hey Pastor,

    You asked me if I have ever experienced “God’s love and greatness”.

    Hmmm, no i have not experienced the Christian God, if you are asking me about the Christian God.

    A question back to you – Have you ever experienced Allah’s greatness and his love for humankind?

    Or how a Hindu experiences the love of Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma?

    Have you?

  • Hi madcat,
    No I do not have any such experience, but I do have many experiences of the love and power of Jesus that I’d be happy to share with you over coffee.

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