Goh Ewe Kheng: servant leader

GOH EWE KHENGThe session of the Pastors’ Conference organized by Tung Ling had ended. Pastors and leaders stood up to stretch, look for the restroom, or just stand around and chat. A grey haired man went about with a carton of packet drinks to serve the pastors. He dressed simply and looked ordinary, though he was a very wealthy businessman and notable church leader. He was a great influence in the local and wider church and in the marketplace. He was one of many pioneers who unknowingly could be modelling a bi-vocational church and marketplace leadership that will increasingly needed in the decades ahead. He is Goh Ewe Kheng, one of my favourite sermon illustrations of humble and faithful servanthood. So when I read an article about him by Edmond Chua in the Christian Post, I just had to link it. He wrote:

Elder Goh Ewe Kheng is the quintessential minister in the marketplace. He started church ministries, preached, co-founded a denomination and participated in the governance and activities of over 30 committees, all while running a business. The passion of the 87-year-old Founding Elder of the 7,640-member Church of Singapore passion to serve God began at an early age.

Continue reading about the personal and family life of this inspiring marketplace and church leader HERE.

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  • Elder Goh indeed is a humble servant. I know him personally for many years. Nevertheless, he repented especially of the speaking of fake tongues among other charismatic issues which COS adopted but was unable to reverse this deceit despite years of efforts.

  • I knew Bro Goh when I was a little kid growing up in Singapore. He was a good man. Kind, caring and loving person. Full of humility yet very wise in his business endeavors. A rich but humble person. I could tell that he was a special person because there are not that many people with those kind of qualities. I left Singapore many years ago and had stayed in California ever since. And who would guess that I accidentally met his grandson in law on a tennis court a few years ago.

    • Hi Al, that’s remarkable. He is one of the spiritual fathers in the 1970s charismatic movement in Singapore. Thanks for your comment. It adds another testimony to this man of God.

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