Crossroads Cup: Singapore’s inter-church football league

WRPF plays a Methodist Church
WRPF plays a Methodist Church

WRPF playing a Methodist church team

The Crossroads Cup is an inter church football tournament. Bless the people who organized it for it has offered an opportunity for men passionate about football to express their witness and worship in play. Many church activities does not press the button for Christian guys. This one does for those with an interest in football. And its a good way to bring in pre-believers into the squad. People often come to faith through experiencing Christ in Christian community. In the safety of the football pitch, under the open sky, or over meals at coffee-shop, hawker center or a home, the pre-believer encounters the Christ in community.  Stories are told. Acceptance and love is experienced. Seeds are planted. Who knows?

World Revival Prayer Fellowship joined the inter-church league this year. We have a team of church members as well as pre-believers. They pick up good values on the field. They fall, they fail in more than one ways. They learn character; they learn values. They learn Christ not by studying the Bible but by experience, observation, and reflection. A different way of learning than in the classroom, or in the worship service or in the small group. Nevertheless, learning takes place. Probably in ways that cannot be replicated by other church programs. More churches should join in next year. Winning, everyone says, is not the main thing. Even so, WRPF is currently fourth on the table, and everyone loves to have a sense of progress, and if it includes winning, why not? Maybe in three years time, this is a probability. Amen and amen.

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