Medication and meditation

Vertigo is literally nauseating and crippling.  It happened to me two Saturdays ago. I woke up to go for a Saturday trek to Bukit Timah hill but everything around me spun and I was totally disorientated and vomited. With my hands on my wife’s shoulder, I went to a clinic nearby and was given medication to snuff out the symptoms for a few days. Over the weekend I simply rested and slept like a sardine, still and stiff, speaking my healing and talking to the Lord, and faithfully taking my medication. It was an enforced retreat. I had been thinking of going to Cameron, to my favorite retreat and rest place, but never acted on it. So I reflected, wrote my journal, prayed and read scriptures.

When I was better a few days later and about to go out for an appointment, it hit me again. So another round of going to the doctor and receiving medication. Thank God for doctors and thank God for church elders. Two elders and their wives came by to my home to pray for me with the anointing of oil, and I felt the warm power of the Spirit on my right palm. Over the weekend I improved quickly and was able to move my head briskly and freely without giddiness by Monday. Thanks be to God.

Going back to office and having the mobility makes me appreciate the blessedness of being healthy. I feel for those whose illness give them untold suffering and restrictions of all kinds. Even medicine cannot cure them. Besides caring for the sick, may all believers also earnestly desire the spiritual gifts to alleviate the suffering of the sick. Amen.

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  • My impression is that the modern church is uncomfortable with embracing death as a necessary part of living. Similarly illness and age related frailties are a no no in Xanadu palaces of prosperity worship and expounding health as a reward from a God that can be “bribed,” by gifts of money.

    Appreciate your sharing – been bemused for a long time by K-pop pastors and magician flying in private jets yet the desperate still throw their hard earned cash at these charlatans even when they have been indicted – waiting to see them when they succumb to necessary human condition when their gene clock runs out.

    grace enables us to overcome earthly limitations

    • The Chinese culture is generally morbid about thinking or talking about death. For Christians, talking about death and preparing to die, the way the apostle Paul did in Philippians 1, 2 and 2 Timothy is a sign of spiritual health and hope. To what extent the church is comfortable about accepting death, as well as we accept birth or life needs to be verified but anecdotal experience tells me you are probably right.

      • Seems to me that like forgiving one’s transgressor, the act is a selfish act as it benefits the forgiven rather than the forgiven. Violence will beget more violence until it goes out of control like Northern Ireland – we r seeing similar situations evolve in Syria Egypt Tunisia. Question is what is the value of being born again when traditional cultural imprints are still paramount? Seems like there is a heap of difference between professing and practise. Is the modern Christian belief all about feeling good and making socially acceptable sound bites, not unlike politicians seeking reelection. Is there a difference between the Konghee CHC saga or NKF scandal – too much money will tempt those that have not been transformed – proclamation and having lots of followers does not make one more pure.

        Been following CHC confessions on FB with languid interest

  • Hi blogpastor,

    Please take good care of yourself and His wonderful healing be upon you today for by His stripes you are healed..


  • Thanks for being authentic about your weakness pastor. May the good Lord grant you the grace to be a good steward of the body He has given you.

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