The right question to ask after the Sunday worship service

The right question to ask about a worship service

Do not ask “How good was the worship leader?” or “How good was the preacher?” or even “How good was the worship service?” Rather, you should ask, “Which part of the worship service edified or blessed me?”. Paul the apostle wrote in 1Cor14, “Let all be done for edification (building up and strengthening)”. It has to be the bottom-line for any worship service. A person can be edified by the lyrics or power of a song that was sung in worship; a piece of instrumental music that was played or moments of silence; a prayer that struck a chord; a glimpse of the glory of Christ; a moving testimony; a quotation a preacher used; or as is often the case, a story or insight in the sermon. He could be blessed by the benediction, or even after, when someone shook his hands, said something that made so much sense, or listened with patience and care. There are so many ways that God could bless us before, during or after the worship service.  So next time, do not ask about the performance of the musicians, the worship leader or the preacher. It only makes you a  connossieur of worship services, a critic of performances, rather than a recipient of God’s manifold grace. So over lunch with your church friends, or with your family at dinner time, ask this question instead, “Which part of the service or meeting blessed or edified you?”  God can use anyone or any part of the meeting to bless and speak to you!!

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  • Wah, Journeyman, you are so powerful you got a flat screen t.v. in here 🙂

    Next time, I try..

    It’s funny though..

  • On a more serious note, I’ve always looked for peace and joy. It fuels my walk with God. If I feel condemned after a service, I’ll almost always look for a new church.

    • @lyn
      Most of us are after the same peace of God in our own agonizing ways.
      The flat panel tv is pure unintentional – looks like blog graffiti – did not man to deface BPs space- it was my imcompetence but God will that it turned out looking so ridiculous and funny.

      The whole Kong – Sun affair is draggy and getting more incredulous as events unfold and more excesses are exposed – maybe one sud also look at the church building and also ask how and who are paying for it. ;))

      • Yeah, I agree with you wholeheartedly, Journeyman.

        It’s time to look for a new church if I were a member 🙂

        The poor people clapping away. What’s wrong with them? God says sorry to him so God has sinned against the man? Wah.. too…

        Even the speech is so fake. I’ll admire him more if he just say “I’m sorry Lord, I have made a mistake” and then I hear the Lord says “my son, you are forgiven”.

        See, even I can come up with a convincing “God says…”, people…aiyo..runlah.

  • I beg to disagree, that we ask such question as this:

    “Which part of the worship service edified or blessed me?”

    This only feeds into a consumer christian mentality that is all about self. Most people unfortunately do ask such questions because they come to church as a consumer not a giver. The appropriate question is my opinion would be “Lord, did my worship bless you today?”. This way one comes to church to serve and give to the Lord. If the worship team doesn’t play their favorite song or the sermon was not so good, they don’t leave saying “you know nothing really blessed ME today about the service or humm….I think I like the music best today, that blessed ME” No! When we come to church we come to glorify God and worship Him no matter if they play our favorite song or the message or can’t find even one thing that blessed them that Sunday. It is not about what the church could for them. According to your question they might leave saying “That service was not really for ME today”. We do not come for ourselves, we come to bless Him and such a person who does would look for ways to serve in the service or pray for others or give a word of encouragement to someone else. ANYTHING but get eyes off self! This way it becomes all about Him and others and not about us.

    • Thanks SP, you have a very good point, and I thought to that too. And I have to agree with you. Since 1 Cor 14 also says let everything be done for edification, I took that to frame this viewpoint of honoring God by hearing what he has to say or do in me through any part of the service or the people I meet and talk with or even the symbols and rites. So it is not so much church consumerism I espouse but more of hearing what God wants so that I can submit to him, which is a reasonable worship of Christ. Your point is taken, thank you.

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