Reliability of the gospel


On Thursday, I read in the TODAY free paper that Dr Aseem Malhotra a cardiologist wrote something in a respected medical journal that busts the myth of the role of saturated fat in heart disease. That is good news if you love the humble coconut that has been falsely given a life sentence for being dangerously laden with saturated fat. We have been warned unceasingly of having coconut oils in our curries, lontong, chendol and nasi lemak. Now that life sentence can be lifted, and we do not have to settle for substitutes like yoghurt or skimmed milk. Probably for a while…. until another study comes along to tell us the opposite. The words and wisdom of men shift with time and situation and place and it can be confusing to live by man’s word. God’s word however never changes, and we can confidently live by the gospel that has once and for all been delivered to us in the New Testament. With the certainty of the unchanging gospel we can live with confidence and peace. And we can be sure that it will result in the good life.

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  • Thanks for this article. Indeed the opinions of the worldly academics change and shift. Even the financial and economic forces are unsteady.

    Medical Health research seems to have its own kind of fickleness as well. Some say that taking an egg a day is bad while others say that an egg a day is good. Some say that you need at least 8 hours of sleep a day while others say that 6 hours is ample.

    The Word of the Lord is unchanging. His Word is truth. A Christian counselor once said this, “God’s word is true whether we believe it or not. We don’t believe in God’s word to make it true. It is the truth, therefore we can place our trust in it.”

  • Guess every human activity “can be corrupted” by ego, desires and cognitive blindness-to be always aware of “truth” as a conscious state is almost impossible because of the need to mediate the objective truth as not many can take the unvarnished reality.

    Some religious scholars are not that different from these scientists – they prefer popularity to righteousness. Prophets always suffer this fate as God does not use our time references.

  • In my opinion, blogpastor, people change because God’s wisdom sets in from time to time according to His timing. Change is a good in a Christian if it brings us towards the direction of God and not away from Him.

    Just like the prodigal son, who is received by His Father by His grace. If he did not change his attitude after coming home and running away again and again to enjoy himself after the party, he would surely be eating pig food for the rest of his life.

    Surely, if he decides to remain in his father house, he will have to learn to abide by his father’s rules to enjoy his father’s sumptuous meals..

    I embrace change in me all the time. In fact I’ve always asked God to change me in all the ways that displeases Him.

    The Bible is a supernatural book which validates us at every stage of our journey if we accept the sacrifice of the Lord and will submit to Him. So, if we suddenly die in the middle of the journey, although we have not changed all of our ways, we are saved.

    However, the truth is that once we have accepted the Lord we would always want to change our ways.

    What is the point of being a Christian and to be stuck at a certain point without growth? The beauty is to see the Lord at work within us to change our lives, our thoughts and our deeds.

    The gospel does not change but it will change the person reading it to the extent of her becoming just like her Saviour. Having His thoughts and agreeing with His every word.

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