How to get to Bukit Indah shopping mall by bus

Bukit Indah shopping mall via second link
Bukit Indah shopping mall via second link

How to get to Bukit Indah via second link

I suppose there are people who are tired of the Causeway customs and City Square gamut. That was what I felt and since I lived near the Jurong East MRT/Bus interchange, I went with my wife and some friends by bus via the Second Link to Bukit Indah’s AEON, a spacious and less crowded mall. You may want to venture there yourself and spend a day loitering and chilling out for a day. Here are the steps you need to take if you are taking the public bus:

(1) Go to Jurong East bus interchange (next to Jurong East MRT) to board the Causewaylink bus that goes via the Second Link. Double check with the bus driver that you are on the right bus. Keep your S$4 bus ticket with you.

(2) First stop is Singapore customs checkpoint at Second Link. After clearing that, go look for any Causewaylink bus and board to go to the Malaysian customs checkpoint on the other side of Second Link bridge. Show them your S$4 ticket.

(3) After you have cleared your Malaysian customs go look for any Causewaylink bus that goes to Bukit Indah shopping mall. Ask the driver to confirm as you board the bus, and show your S$4 bus ticket.

Bus stop in front of Bukit Indah (also taxi stand)
Bus stop in front of Bukit Indah (also taxi stand)

(4) You will pass by Leisure Farm bungalows and wished you had bought one long ago. You will pass by Lego Land and wished you had gone there before. Finally you find your bus right in front of the first huge building in front of the Bukit Indah AEON shopping mall. Get off, and get in. The whole journey would have taken you about an hour and a half, including customs.

Keep the bus ticket at hand - 5 Malaysian ringgit
Keep the bus ticket at hand – 5 Malaysian ringgit

(5) Do Β a tour of the shops and available food outlets and go look at the cinema to see if there is a filmΒ you are interested in and can squeeze into your day’s program. Buy your ticket and go for your lunch. Whatever you do try to leave the place by 4.30pm to avoid the traffic jams at that time.

(6) You wait at the same bus-stop you alighted in the morning. Always ask around to see if you are at the right place. Things change in Malaysia and we have no idea at all when its changed. The ticket home is Malaysian Ringgit 5. Pay the driver the exact amount and get your ticket and KEEP IT AT HAND.

(7) Malaysian customs (make sure you have no sugar, oil, rice, or that sticky something else). Look for any Causewaylink bus and head for Singapore customs. Show the driver the ticket.

Bus stand at Singapore customs
Bus stand at Singapore customs

(8) Pass the Singapore customs and look for the Causewaylink bus that heads to Jurong East bus interchange. Always confirm with the driver and show him your 5 ringgit ticket. It gives you peace of mind.

The route to Bt Indah
The route to Bt Indah

(9) If you are Singaporean, by the time you arrive at Jurong East bus interchange, about an hour and a half later, Β you have already asked yourself, “Was it worth going all the way there and back? Β To shop, to eat, to see a movie, to chill out and take advantage of the superior Sing dollar. Was it worth it?”

If you can answer the question in the affirmative, then I trust that this step by step guide will tease you into making one of these trips, preferably on weekdays if you are an introvert, and on Saturday if you are an extrovert!

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  • Another perspective on cost of living and quality of life

    Considering a 3rm HDB in central area can get$3k rent – @2.55 conversion – do the maths and think possibilities – like all things’ there will be tradeoffs-discern if there is value for yourself πŸ˜›

      • There are many combinations and permutations – hv friends who have traded their terrace house, bought 10000sf bungalow next to golf course like Austin, Palm – some of his friends are trying to give away our club memberships as the we hv to pay each month does not match our use – pensioners get lots of discount and car repairs are very reasonable. New cars r also cheap – Singaporeans go around like happy birds – cheap cheap cheating away.! Do your own due diligence – great reward for those that get it right!

  • Hi Ps Kenny,

    Was just at Bukit Indah mall on Monday with ours and another family. πŸ™‚ Drove in though, because we spent a couple of hours at Little Big Club (Puteri Harbour) about 10-15 min off. Kinda similar, though bit smaller than the Tebrau City one (owned by same chain, Aeon Jusco). Had a nostalgic A&W lunch there, and the ladies did some budget shopping, before we headed back in the evening.

  • Thank you for this piece of information. I managed to get to Bukit Indah for a taste of the long gone A&W Root Beer float inside Aeon. Your guide came very useful and the pricing of the tickets are still the same now as you have written back in 2013. The only thing different is the location for bus back to Singapore. Instead of the stop where we alighted, we have to cross the road to the other side of the road. There was no official bus stop though.

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