Declutter your soul: its a New Year

Cluttered storeroom
Cluttered storeroom

On Monday my wife and I went into the storeroom and cleaned it up. The more a storeroom has been left untouched, the more clutter, dust and dirt it gathers and the more intimidating it becomes. We felt overwhelmed but were glad we did it.
We removed obstacles that blocked the path, wiped dirt off the shelves, and strengthened sagging shelves. We threw away many things: old wires, rechargers, bathroom floor rugs that had mildew, tools, tired tennis balls, plastic containers with red lids, and other containers.
We got rid of clutter – things we had no use for. We re-organized what was left and important to keep. We cleaned and removed the layers of dust on things and on the floor. No we were not thinking of Chinese New Year. It was simply a long overdue cleaning.
Your life and mine needs a similar de-cluttering and cleaning act. Are there activities that draw you away from Christ, that waste time or distract, or that feed an addiction? Are there spending habits that need to be trimmed, or priorities that need to be reviewed? De-clutter your soul.

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