Bumping into Edmund Wee

I could not believe my eyes when I saw him walked by as I cycled towards home. I was on the Ulu Pandan Park Connector and had made a U-turn at the Ghim Moh end of the canal. I braked and called out, “Edmund Wee!”. He turned back and we chat for a while.

I had not seen him for almost a decade. He was my wife’s neighbour from childhood. I happened to be a pastor who availed myself to his family. He was having an evening walk. I was so glad to see him. He is well known in the publishing and design world – founder and owner of Epigram Pte Ltd, Epigram Books, etc. He was featured many times in the Straits Times. 

Many years ago, he graciously did pro bono design work for the church I serve, World Revival Prayer Fellowship. We were very grateful for the visual identity he crafted for us. You can read more about how that happened HERE

This meeting reminded me of what I had been praying for a few days back. Covid-19 had so disrupted life in Singapore and Malaysia, I was praying the Lord will give the two countries’ leaders the wisdom, integrity and courage to lead their countries out of the pandemic pit. I prayed for all the frontline health workers, the churches and the business owners. These are very trying times for everyone. I saw immediately that Edmund represented business owners. On my ride back, I prayed for business owners like him to be sustained during these lean months, and jobs be preserved, and businesses to survive and thrive again.

Lord, hear our prayers as we call out to You for Your mercy and favour upon the countries of Singapore and Malaysia. We acknowledge our pride, self-sufficiency and boasting in the midst of this pandemic. But in truth we are helpless in tackling it despite our resources. This enemy simply refuses to be contained. The economic situation is alarming and the livelihoods of thousands are threatened. Have mercy Lord, stay the spread of Covid-19. Grant the nations effective vaccines, and let the first world nations help the less developed nations to fight this disease. We ask all these in Jesus’ name.

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