Authentic Johor Laksa

This Johor laksa is superb but they only serve it on Saturdays. I am talking about the stall called “Manis Bawang” across the street from my home. The Manis Bawang was boldly started by a Malay wedding company. They used to cater for Malay weddings and still do, but the Covid-19 affected business and they were bold enough to start a food business in the HDB block at Jurong East Street 13. They take pride in the authenticity of the Malay food they serve – “real Malay taste”. I must admit their food is consistent in the taste. The Johor laksa which I am a fan of is one such dish they serve with consistent goodness. 

I like laksas. I have tried the ones in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Penang, Johor and different stalls in Singapore, but this fish-based laksa is one that always left a strong impression on me. I always said, “Shiok”. I always remind myself to relish it slowly but usually end up slurping it up more quickly than I wished – to my consternation. 

Sadly I believe the Michelin guys overlooked this Malay stall since it began only in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic. They should check it out on a Saturday, and consider them for Bib Gourmand. Recently, I was surprised that quite a few hawker center stalls I have patronized before were listed as Bib Gourmand recipients: a roasted duck noodles stall at Yuhua Village Market & Hawker Center; the Tiong Bahru chew kueh and corner chicken stalls in Block 505 Jurong West Market; and the soon kueh shop at Yuhua Market & Hawker Center. But why are there no winners for Malay cuisine? 

Hope they do check these guys out. They are located HERE.

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