My Reel Journey

I have been away for a fortnight on vacation cum mission. It has been nothing but joy and excitement as we see the beauty of God’s creation and the power of God in sending the Holy Spirit upon people to refresh them, fill them, and heal them.

During this time, I also tried to learn about making reels. I brought my RODE wireless microphone and tried out making some reels. The best way to grow is to simply start doing it. Even though it may be bad at the beginning, it will get better with every attempt. When I started, I simply spoke into the mobile device as I videoed a beautiful scene where the sun’s rays broke through some dark clouds. Later on, I did another reel with the voice over function, a proper script, and the wireless microphone attached. It was better.

I asked a media guy, Zephaniah, for feedback and I learned that there is a caption function that I could use. “More engagement with the audience”. I used it and the reel improved further. I need to keep this going. It is too easy to forget the steps and then before I know it, I have lost the forward momentum. He also recommended that I zero in on a niche. I struggle with this so all I can do now is simply trust God to help me funnel and narrow down to some niche that I am passionate about. In the meantime, anything a picture or video inspires in me or whenever I feel moved to communicate something through reels, I will “just do it”.

In addition, I have also asked my website friend Vee to help me put Instagram reels on this blog site to give it more exposure and reach. I hope you enjoy these reels and help support them by subscribing, writing comments, and give it a like, so that the messages I convey can reach even more people. Most of all pray that this modern tool of communication will be divinely blessed, encourage the saints and glorify His name.

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