Beauty and the Beast, Reading and Bribery

  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST I always enjoy Michael Han’s blogposts. He writes with a poise, passion and persuasiveness that is refreshing. His perspectives are interesting, stimulating and enlightening. His piece about his personal reflections on his family outing to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and the gay moment is so gracious, spot-on and disarming. Some […]

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Blogpastor upgraded

My friend Vee San had successfully completed her PhD in Engineering under a scholarship and has opted to take up a research appointment in a hospital in London. She has a keen interest in theology too so we can connect even though she is my daughter’s age. We had lunch and later she asked if […]

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Well some of you are aware that the website has been suspended for quite a few days. From what I gather from my friend and server sponsor, what has happened thus far is that has attracted a rather large traffic, possibly due to a random attack. The result is that the server crashed as […]

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