Barclay’s Premier League 2014/15 predictions of top four places

Now that transfer deadline date has passed we all have a better idea of the new players in each squad and can reasonably predict the top six teams of this season’s Barclay’s Premier League 14/15.

All the betting companies and their expert panels have placed Chelsea as the champions. Most football pundits and reporters have done the same. Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.


Arsenal the perennial bridesmaid is finally showing that they are willing to spend serious money on proven world class players in the last two seasons. They have also bought well but mostly I will be keen to see how the Danny Welbeck, Sanchez, and Walcott forward axis will operate. It will take time but I hope they will be as deadly and unstoppable as Liverpool’s SAS. 25 goals to Welbeck is my dream and this dark horse to take the trophy at long last.


Most reason that Mourinho will be highly motivated to make Chelsea champions for Abrahamovic may axe him for consecutive failures to haul any trophy. He now has his kind of team formed, having got rid of failed strikers, those who do not work hard at defending, the older hands, and those who take too much risks, and let the team down. His signings are astute to fill up deficits of last year. Costa seems to have a recurring hamstring problem, and in this merciless league, it may take him out for vital games, without equivalent striking capability to replace him. Thus I believe they will be beaten to the title by Arsenal by a mere whisker.


Liverpool under Rogers is like a dragon resurrected. Dangerous and unstoppable in their fiery attacks they will melt down many teams. They have lost their bite when Suarez left. But the circus clown has been hired to entertain the fans and if he puts the team results above his antics, Liverpool will surprise doubters and take the third place.


Manchester City will come in third and their focus will be on the Champions League to improve on last year’s results.  The Arab owners want this new achievement. They have the group of death and priority will be given to getting out of that group and try to enter the finals. They have won the premier league twice. Key players have had their contracts extended on improved terms. Complacency will be a recurring problem. Fourth place, and definitely above Manchester United. That alone is great comfort.

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Barclay’s Premier League 2013/14: predictions of top six places

Last year, only Sunny got it right. Manchester United won the first place. I got two of my predictions right: Chelsea for third and Spurs for fifth.  I was too biased. This time I will try to be more objective. None of the other predictions offered by other blog readers got anything right.

This year’s transfer window is shut. We know who are the players in each team.

There are a few reasons why its tough to make predictions this year. First, new managers in Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea. A good manager with good judgment and motivational skills can be worth as much as 10 points. Only Manuel Pellegrini is new to the English league teams and players. Jose Mourinho can update quickly. The Man U players will  dither between doubt and faith, and the British media will relish putting Moyes in Ferguson’s shadow,  Is Moyes good enough to lead them to silverware? We will see. Second, there are many new foreign players. If not additions to your team, reinforcements in your competitors’ teams. New players can make either a positive or negative difference. Tottenham has bought so many good players, they are almost a new team. Likewise Sunderland.

The teams with the most fearsome strikers are Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. They have the clinical finish, the experience and can change a game even in the last minutes of a game. It is already tough to make predictions in normal circumstances, but with these additional variables, it becomes less predictable than ever before.

However this uncertainty is what makes the BPL more fun than any other leagues! Having thought deeply for ten minutes (haha), here are my predictions:

1st place:  Manchester City – the squad is scary and the engineer will be able to put the pieces together and foster greater harmony

2nd place:  Arsenal – will play with authority and a mean defence, but if a January addition of a special striker can be done, may even be champions.

3rd place:  Manchester United – most of the time Moyes will be under great pressure, players disturbed by doubts and a certain Rooney.

4th place: Chelsea – some too old, some too young, and I don’t like Mourinho’s narcissism.

5th place: Liverpool – I want them to beat Spurs.

6th place: Tottenham Hotspur – if they are hit by injuries, maybe Everton will be sixth.

Please add your predictions in the comment box. Love to hear your thoughts.

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