Farewell to Ron Perschsky

Ron and Margery

We had a farewell lunch with Ron and Margery Perschsky at one of JCube’s Japanese restaurants. Ron Perschsky had retired from his regional position at WEC, a missionary organization. Our church had a long standing relationship with Ron, first as a guest speaker in our church services and church camps, and later as a church consultant. It was in the latter role that he helped us significantly during a crucial period in our church’s life. His recommendations were a part of what the Lord was orchestrating to bring about a transformation in the church. We were grateful for his role in helping us and again we thanked him warmly and personally for his advice . He plans to go back to his home church in LondonĀ  for a few months and then settle in Exeter in south-west England, and be at the Lord’s disposal, ready to continue serving.

Me, Ps Thomas, Mary Tham, Margery, Ron

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