Farewell to Ron Perschsky

Ron and Margery

We had a farewell lunch with Ron and Margery Perschsky at one of JCube’s Japanese restaurants. Ron Perschsky had retired from his regional position at WEC, a missionary organization. Our church had a long standing relationship with Ron, first as a guest speaker in our church services and church camps, and later as a church consultant. It was in the latter role that he helped us significantly during a crucial period in our church’s life. His recommendations were a part of what the Lord was orchestrating to bring about a transformation in the church. We were grateful for his role in helping us and again we thanked him warmly and personally for his advice . He plans to go back to his home church in LondonĀ  for a few months and then settle in Exeter in south-west England, and be at the Lord’s disposal, ready to continue serving.

Me, Ps Thomas, Mary Tham, Margery, Ron

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  • Ron Perchsky was indeed instrumental in the growth of WRPF. I really enjoy his Stories, preaching and humble attitude. How I wish he could preach again before he leaves for England.
    Margery is also fun to work with. My memory brings me back to a church camp where she took care of the Sunday School kids such as Earnest and Jonathan (now already an adult). When the session ended, her hair was as messy as like she just went for a hair perm…ha ha..
    I wonder if she could still remember??

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