Blogpastor’s English Premier League 2011/12 predictions

Arsene-Wenger-frustrationIn keeping with a tradition of an annual prediction of the English Premier League, I have reluctantly decided to post something here. It’s been agony to see Arsenal’s best players sold to competing teams and to see them replaced by veterans who may have already played their best several seasons ago. Doing this prediction thing is not as fun as before, especially as Arsenal are perhaps on the borderline of missing out on one of the top four slots. So disenchanted have I been, I have given away my genuine Arsenal jersey to a blogger friend up north in Petaling Jaya. I still have an Arsenal key chain. Maybe that will go too…..if Arsenal is not in the top four.

These are my predictions for the current season:

Manchester City Premier League ClubFirst, Manchester City: because they used oil money to buy five of Arsenal’s best players, though two are not in the squad.

Second, Manchester United: because it is a team in transition with several new team members.

Third, Chelsea: because Abrahamovic’s money has given them a lifeline.

Fourth, Arsenal: how can I call myself a fan, if I leave them out of the top four. Somehow they will beat Liverpool and Tottenham to this last spot.

What is your take?

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    • Stanley, I see you don’t think Arsenal can cut it among the top four. I think it will be a tough fight with your Liverpool and Spurs. So what’s your analysis on top four?

  • Hi Pastor Kenny,
    I thought you will never blog about EPL after a disastrous start of the season. Sorry to say that but a true Arsenal Fan in my company was so fed up that he terminated the Mio BPL and it cost him money.

    My prediction is
    1. Manchester United
    2. Chelsea
    3. Manchester City
    4. Liverpool

    Sorry to leave Arsenal out but the truth hurts. Look at how they struggled against Sunderland at home. Their away matches just could not match the top 4 and they have more games than Liverpool who does not have any European games. The depth of Arsenal squad is just not good enough. If Van Persie is injured, who can replace him? Agree?
    Manchester City will have to get the gelling of the players since the Tevez’s saga. This weekend will determine if they are strong enough to be in the top 2. Chelsea’s play really depend on the new signing, Mata. His vision and speed is indeed fabulous.

    By looking at your prediction, you must be “You Never Walk Alone” fan?

    • Sunny, have to agree with you about Arsenal, but we fans believe in miracles. But why is Man City third on your list? Have you seen how they have been playing? The Tevez problem has been with them for some time…its just a buzzing mosquito somewhere in the room.

      • Pastor Kenny,
        Chelsea is much more a consistent team than Manchester City. Man City has not faced the top four yet (except for Spurs, Modric problem) and their recent away defeat at Bayern Munich in Champions League show their weaknesses.
        Joe Hart is playing well but again, who is his replacement?

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